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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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I remember that ride quite vividly! Each basket had a center pole with a 'sit n' spin' handwheel, which you could use to spin the car around. My uncle would tell us he was 'unscrewing' the car from the main wheel, which of course I didn't believe, but it was fun to watch the reactions of my yet younger cousins...

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Seeing as I already began a thread like this, I'll just use this one to post any finds I come across laying around that I am having a hard time identifying for myself, as opposed to making a new thread every time.

On the 1999 brochures when Face/Off and Drop Zone debuted, what is the Drop Tower ride they used?


...yeah I like filling my mind up with what some people would consider useless knowledge.

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They used our Drop Tower. That's a strategically taken shot of the lowest portion of the ride.

...picture removed...

Actually they didn't. The picture on the brochure is of "Gyro Drop" at Lotte World in South Korea. Gyro Drop was Intamin's first/prototype gyro drop ride at 230 feet (which is why the one on the brochure looks so short). It is also solid white with a yellow gondola just as in the photo on the brochure. If you ever saw Drop Zone while it was being assembled, you'd remember that the pieces were already painted so at no time was the tower ever white.

Here is a photo from scraped from intamin's website:


Here are a few other photos:




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Thanks for the correction. I didn't realize there were any other gyro drop rides, and the bottom section of Drop Tower does sort of look grayish-white from the angle that the photo I posted was taken at. I knew that the DT pieces were already painted when it was being assembled - most rides are that way.

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