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Construction Tour?


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I was at a hard hat construction meeting last week for one of the projects I`ve been working on here at the office, but the project site was in Ripley, OH, not at Kings Island.

Right now, I`d imagine there isn`t that much to see at KI in terms of construction. I`m not even sure if they have begun to form the new wave pool concrete yet.

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You want a construction tour? I'll give you one. To your right, you'll see a giant area of concrete with some concrete walls. Going farther down, there's the "new" action river. As you can see, they've moved some dirt around and hung some buckets overhead. Oh and here's the new entrance to Waterworks, opps I mean Crocidile Dundees Boomerang Bay, no thats not right, Boomerang Bay, darn it thats not right either, I meant Soak City.

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