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Aerial Kings Island

Guest TombraiderTy

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Thanks for the comments - I really do appreciate them :)

Here's the final updating, showcasing some Cincinnati, Coney Island, and a couple other things. Like before, please don't post elsewhere or use publicly without my permission.


So here's some buildings. If I actually spent time in Cincinnati, I could probably tell you what some of them are...


Paul Brown Stadium


Great American Ballpark


Construction on the Banks - how far has it come in the two-and-a-half years since?


Random tidbit - I got a unicycle for Christmas and one of my goals is to ride across the Purple People Bridge on it before summer ends. Just so ya know.


City skyline as we flew away.


Robbie, the next few photos are dedicated to you :P


Sunlight Pool - haven't visited here in roughly a decade


The Twister, the park's new-for-2009 slide. It replaced the Zoom Flume.




Bumper boats, swinging ship, and what-not


Couple more flat rides, nestled in the trees


We visited Cincinnati and Coney Island before Kings Island, so this shot was on the way up. I just enjoyed the repetition here.


Kings Powder Company


The former Jack Nicklaus Golf Center, now the Golf Center at Kings Island.


Finally, the Lindner Family Tennis Center across from the park.

I hope you've enjoyed the photos and I'm glad I finally had the opportunity to share them. And once again, thanks for all the comments :)

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Way too many buildings in that Cincinnati picture to identify them all, but here are some of the bigger ones...

Tall tan building on the left - Carew Tower, then the tallest building in Cincy.

Building under construction - Great American Tower at Queen City Square. Stole the "tallest building" title.

Building with twin towers - P&G headquarters

Tall white building in the background - Kroger headquarters

Tall building in the lower left - One Lytle Place (apartments/condos)

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Ok... Now that I'm home on a computer and can see more of the picture, here are some more notable buildings for you...

Castle-type building diagonally from the Fifth Third Tower: Cincinnati City Hall

Diagonal building next to P&G: Former headquarters of Chiquita (they're now moving to Charlotte, NC)

White building behind Chiquita: Federated Department Stores headquarters

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If bandwidth is a concern, I'd be willing to host them on my server for free. There's no way you'd use up that bandwidth (though the server has a habit of getting bogged down due to high memory usage so there might still be a few times when they'd be unavailable).

Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you an FTP account and a folder where you can store them.

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Ressurrecting an old thread:

Nice photos of KI! Very neat to see these and realize how much the park has changed since 2009. With the additions of Banshee, Mystic Timbers, and now Orion along with the removal of Vortex, the park has changed so much! Also, kinda neat that they used to use Picnic Grove during Haunt. I'd love to see something like that again in Picnic Grove! 

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Unfortunately, none of the photos are showing up for me. 

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