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Which Roller Coaster at KI has the most unconfortable trains?


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For me I will have to say Firehawk and The Racers. Firehawk would be fine if not for the helix thing at the end.. it pretty much squeezes me to death.(not really to death for thoses wondereing) :) And as for The Racers the restraint itself is fine but the head rest has a horizontal metal pole in the headrest for support. Well my head hits exactly where that is so every time I ride I end up with a bruise on the back of my head.

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Invertigo. Big "lump" in the back of your seat doesn't exactly feel comfortable. :wacko: And back seats on Vortex also stink, I'm ok with the front though.

Now, I will also comment on the most comfy of Kings Island train designs...Diamondback. Last time I rode it, felt like I could easily take a tap in them if they weren't attached to a 230' roller coaster. :P

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