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1999 Brochure

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It's not that old of a brochure...but here it is anyway.


I still find it amazing that the park got two major rides in one year.


Oddly enough, even though I am amazed the park got two major rides in one year...I don't really care for either of them! :lol:


"Give Scooby Doo a big hug"...a line that once made me smile now makes me sad. :(


I'm guessing The Beast will outlive USAToday.




I like the Yogi, Fred & Scooby shot. :)


"Clogging At Paramount's Kings Island"...nowadays when I think of clogging and Kings Island I think of Halloween Haunt. ;)


"Most bang for your buck"...I wonder who uses this slogan more, gun sellers, firework manufacturers...or brothels? :rolleyes:


Have a great day!

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I notice they opened around April 17, why they open so late this year? I don't know.

I'm no marketing expert, but one of the reasons I feel contributes to a late opening is simply not enough employees available for work. The typical pool the park draws employment from is teenagers (there seemed to be more college age in the 90's, however). This was becoming a problem even when I worked at KI from 95 to 98. We struggled to fill spots in the games department and most of us had to pull double duty to keep up. This was especially a problem in post season. At that point, there was no Fear Fest or Halloween Haunt to retain employee interest. I remember when they introduced an incentive program where you would receive a bonus for every weekend you continued employment at the park in post season. We'd get those checks just before Christmas and for those who stuck around to the very last weekend came out with a considerable amount of money (for a minimum wage job anyway).


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