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What are your plans for the 2012 Season?


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Going to Holiday World for Holiwood Nights, and most likely will be able to do Kings Island sometime. I'd like to hit Stricker's again on Customer Appreciation Day. With Ohio State switching to Semesters this year, I lost 1/3rd of my summer.

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Just an FYI: Waldameer is closed on Mondays

I didn't know that.. thank you!

I already started my season off at Kings Dominion :D not only did we start off with an insane ride on I305, but we got stuck in the launch tunnel in FOF.. the train had to be manually pushed back to the loading station and we received exit passes for our group as a result.. Volcano had a huge line like whoa so we used our passes for that. after the park closed we had a campfire with Coaster Crew and made s'mores :) then on the way back home I got to drive through over 200 miles of the Appalachian mountains on I64 west.. it was an amazing weekend with perfect weather and amazing friends :wub:

(sorry for the mini-TR but I had to share that with you guys!)


As usual I'm planning to make many trips to Cedar Point. I can never get enough of that place.

I have got to get back to Kings Dominion. It's a beautiful park with a lot of great rides and friendly employees.

I'm hoping to get to Hershey and Six Flags Great Adventure this year, and hoping to go to Smoky Mountain Coasterfest at Dollywood.. it's a terrific event.

I'm on the lookout for a better job right now (I'm a part time waitress at Cracker Barrel and a full time corrections student at Sinclair Community College) so my life doesn't leave much room for long park visits.

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Stricker's is a lot of fun. They only have a dozen or so rides, but it's still a blast. The two coasters are tons of fun (great airtime, no trim breaks and buzz bars), the food is wonderful (and a great value) and it's generally a great atmosphere. The park is in a semi-rural location, so that makes it even better.

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Already Done

Planet Snoopy - January

Dollywood - March

Carowinds - April


Canada's Wonderland - Auction ride on 4/27

Dorney - Knoebels - Hershey - Kennywood in June

SFGAm - September

KI - Many weekends

BTW, anyone else going to Canada's Wonderland on 4/27?

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On your dash across PA, have you time for Idlewild, Lakemont or Delgrosso? Each one of those well worth a stop at.

Delgrosso YESSS!! there Pizza is YUMMMYYY!!

parks that are crossed off this year

SFOG March

Dollywood March

Kings Dominion April

Carowinds April BTW WindSeeker is amazing great view of the park and downtown Charlotte!!

Planned X-Flight Media Day in May- Great America

Great Adventure in September and Cedar Point in May

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  • Opening Day 2012
  • Soak City Opening Day 2012
  • Holiday World, with at least 10 laps on The Voyage, 1 on Wildebeast, and 1 on Mammoth
  • Every ride at Universal Studios and Seaworld Orlando
  • Hit 100 rides On Diamondback
  • Ride Millennium Force, Maverick, Raptor, and TTD as many times as I can when I visit Cedar Point.

All in all, this year should be great for my theme park addiction!

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My plan is the same as every year: Try to ride a roller coaster!
[Frank Oz voice:] "There is no try. Do. Or do not. Roller coaster riding leads to pleasure; pleasure leads to thrill; thrill leads to funnnnnn!" EDIT: Oh, darn, there's no 'Yoda' emoticon. :ph34r:

Look hard enough and you'll find one :)


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Kings Island opening day, hopefully Holiday World and then my annual Cedar Point trip in August. I would love to get to Kings Dominion but I doubt my schedule or funds will allow me to get down there. Overall my main goal is to make this coaster season as eventful as last years was. Spending memories with new friends at the park, making new friends and treating people who have not enjoyed Kings Island from an enthusiast stand point to the enjoyment of a day at the Island that will last them a lifetime.

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