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wait times for 5-4

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So fR most rides are a 20 miniets wait at most everything seems to be moving pretty smooth. Diamondback maybe. 30 to 40 miniet wait. I don't think Vortex or WindSeeker are operating yet. Croud looks pretty small, so far

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I was there until about 12:30 today, got in right at 9 and headed for Invertigo (one ride- thats enough for me)...then back to Diamondback for three rides (one in the back, one in the front, one in the fourth row). Then I went over to Planet Snoopy and rode Flying Ace Aerial Race.

After that I waited for the rest of the park to open. I went straight to The Beast and saw signs stating that Travel Channel was recording, apparently they wrapped up a minute before I got there and the ride was temporarily closed while they dismounted cameras. I waited about 10-15 minutes.

5 minute wait on Backlot Stunt Coaster. After I got off of that (about 10:30), they started testing Vortex. Passed and rode Flight of Fear (15 minute wait), The Racer (15 minute wait), Adventure Express (10 minute wait), and Delirium (25 minute wait).

I was going to eat at the new burrito shack but I was running short on time, I'm hoping for another trip in the next week or so. Prior to this season, my intent on every visit was to stay from open to close (which I still don't really mind), but with a season pass and just over an hour drive, I think it will be more enjoyable with shorter trips, especially if my wife comes along (she loves the park, but she isn't into staying for 12 hours or running from ride to ride).

Beautiful weather, all staff encountered were friendly and helpful. The park is beautiful, I love all the new pavers and International Street looks great.

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