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5-4-12 Trip Report!

Sergeant Pepper

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Okay so, my school came to Kings Island today as a reward trip. We left at about 9:20 AM. We didn't get in the park until about 10:30 though. Once we got in, my group of 3 people went straight to The Beast. Waited about 15 minutes. (totally worth it!) While in line for The Beast, we saw a couple of camera men and from what it looked like, they were interviewing someone, while I noticed Don Helbig standing by. Travel Channel shoot? After that, we walked over to B.L.S.C, with about a 10-15 minute wait. After that we rode Dodgems, just to have fun with the little kids we are inside. After walking around some, it was about 11:30, so decided to go get some lunch. We headed to the Festhaus, which wasn't bad but could've been better (I was served cold fries). After this we headed over to The Racer with a small wait. At that time, the blue side was down. The new logos looked nice! We then want to Adventure Express. I noticed all the arms were moving! I also noticed some new scenery (Ex: a large snake wrapped around a skeleton with a spear in it in one the tunnels. After that came Boo Blasters in which I got the best score of 1110 (In my group, that is). We took a nice ride on Delirium and then on Invertigo (chipped paint all over the ground. I really think if they change the colors of the ride, they should change the sign, etc.) We went over to Flight Deck for a good ride.We walked over to Shake, Rattle, and Roll. And then to The Racer. (Blue side now open) We got on Adventure Express again. We tried one more time after that, but as we were walking on, the ride was closed due to weather. We started walking down to the front entrance to wait around a bit. And then came the rain. It wasnt horrible, just a shower. As the rain stopped, we walked over to a dry table over by Graeters, waiting for rides to open up again. As it just started to look sunny and nice, the torrential downpour came. (Which I became drenched in as I was walking to the restroom) We then left the park at about 6:00, feeling extremely satisfied with our day. Overall just a great day, thanks for reading!!

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