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I am having some issues posting on the KIC forum on Tapatalk. Every time I post something I get this message, "Your secure key, used to verify you are posting the topic, did not match the one submitted. Please go back, reload the form, and try again."

What do I need to do?

As a side note I can post on other forums from Tapatalk just fine.

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Try Tapatalk now. It had a update that came out yesterday that is reported that you have to fully remove Tapatalk and reinstall it (Which is different than the normal update process). Which I have just completed.

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The summary of KIC on the home screen of my app says

A forum decicated to Kings Island, in Cincinnati, Ohio

Find the error. :P

Kings Island isn't technically IN Cincinnati?

KIC's servers are probably not in Cincinnati (Though I don't honestly know. I could be wrong there)?

Description isn't detailed enough to tell you whether it is the forum or the park that is supposed to be in Cincinnati?

KIC tends to feature discussion of many things other than Kings Island?

Oh, you mean the misspelling of "dedicated". That, too.

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Tapatalk works great for me, though it seems to keep logging me in anonymously to check for new content (which, according to a post on the Tapatalk forum, was supposed to be fixed ages ago when they switched from pull notifications [app checks for new content every so often and notifies you of it] to push notifications [service notifies app of new content every so often]).

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