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Pictures from Soak City VIP Weekend


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Hey Guys, I was able to go to Soak City's VIP weekend for Gold and Platinum passholders on Sunday and I got some pictures for you. I was very impressed with the new water park. I like it better than Boomerang Bay. The new wave pool made the old one not as crowded. The new paint gave the slides a new and fresh feel. Here are some of the pictures.





The Rest can be viewed here: http://coastergeek101.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=40&page

Anyone have any thoughts now that you have some pictures to look at?

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They made tons of improvements to the Lazy River! there are tons of palces where you get wet.

My favorite is the buckets and sprayers on the bridge near what used to be Down Under Thunder. I could spend an hour soaking people with those things. In fact, I did just that on Saturday.

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^ Exactly! I spent most of my time on the other side of the bridge. My arms are just barely long enough to reach out and hold the buckets up, but I can reach them. The streams that you use to fill them up are tricky, because if you reduce the water pressure on one, the pressure goes up on the other, so if the person next to you is just playing with that stream, it can be very difficult to fill up the bucket. But when you get two people on the buckets that understand that issue and know to set both streams to fill the buckets and not turn them off when the buckets are full, you can have a lot of fun.

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Hahaha thanks for letting know. Its so funny how people over react when its just water. :D

Yeah. Why do half the people that go by not want to get wet? Hello! You're in a waterpark, people! Don't think using that empty tube as a shield is going to keep you dry.

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