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Ride pieces and park decor that has been bought by the public


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I have always wondered whom you have to know, or contact, to inquire about purchasing defunct ride cars, signs, etc....

Other than the obvious relocation of the monorail to Jungle Jim's in Fairfield, does anyone know of any other KI defunct memorabilia in the Tri State ?

Off the top of my head, one of the flaming cauldrons from the Winnie Witch ride, sits in front of the Chamber of Horrors in Middletown. I took a pic to share, will see if I can attach when I get home.

I also know of two of the boats from the Enchanted Voyage. I could get the exact address if anyone wished to inquire with the owner for purchase. They sat floating for years on a pond behind a farmhouse on rt 73 west leaving Trenton, on the left before you intesect Cotton Run Road. One purple, one yellow. Both have since sank, with one capsized upside down and still visible. This is why Ibfeel the owner may not mind parting with them.

Lastly, when Paramount took over years ago, then either places stickers on the parking lot signs with ride names, or put up new signs. They were marked prior by Hanna Barbera characters all the way back to 1972. I called the park to inquire about purchasing some, and just got the runaround. Leaving Soak City last weekend, I noticed the stickers are peeling badly on some signs, and started wondering if the original artwork is still underneath.

I also would have liked to have purchased. Hanna Barbera bench. If you look on Google Earth, there is a Nick Universe sifn and character graveyard north of the Flight of Fear

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I do know of some people who have, but no one is selling. I wonder if i were to call up to KI would they sell me BB items? I know that they probably still have it all, just needa know if i can buy. Oh de well.

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Sometimes fate just works out in a collectors favor ;) This sign may have been used at any of the Hanna Barbara themed parks back in the 70's or 80's, but in any case it's a cool piece:


I have an item listed on ebay from my personal collection as well, for those interested:


If anyone has any interest in this piece you can PM me here :)


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