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Diamondback Photo opportunities?

Shawn Meyer

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Civility spreads. So does its opposite.

How is It all good when other users are hurt? Or younger users, who see you as a role model, model what they see as flaming?

How can you call a topic ignorant and credibly claim you weren't flaming the topic's original poster?

How is it all good or the good old days because three people were smoking?

People here can only judge us by the words we write, unless they know us in the real world.

I don't get it. I seek to understand.

EDIT: Now he's edited his post.

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One thing you could do without breaking park rules, is to get a picture from the train. As far as I know, photography is allowed from the train (But I've never brought a camera, so I could be wrong) and you can get some pretty nice angles of Diamondback from the train.

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