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Coke swelter stopper


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I wonder what would happen to Coke or Pepsi sales if they didn't advertise at all for a year. They seem like the kind of companies that don't really need to advertise. Who doesn't know what Coke or Pepsi is at this point (besides young kids)? It'd be an interesting study to see how many less sales they'd have with no commercials about their products. (This does not count advertisements for when stores have Coke or Pepsi on sale). Would they actually get more money by saving on the advertisements?

Of course, they'd be losing out on brand recognition for the young kids, but it seems like an interesting thought.

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People like their beverages, but it's the sound of popping can, fizzling pour, and clinking ice cubes that seals the deal.

You'd be hard pressed to find a fast food menu that doesn't show a sandwich paired with a frosty, perspiring soft-drink in a glass printed with the drink's name (or when they advertise their healthy options, a tall bottle of Dasani instead of a little cup of fountain water)...

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