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How 'bout, in honor of Son of Beast, the world's only (read "not first") looping water slide.

Unless of course there is an existing looping water slide still in existance (I know of only 1 ever, but others here know far more on that than I)

There are multiple "looping" slides in existence. An example: http://www.noahsarkwaterpark.com/attractions/scorpions-tail/

A full loop can not be achieved on a waterslide without the possibility of broken necks, body damage, etc.

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I don't think we'll get anything big. Maybe some paint on the rides, but that's about it.

I think Vortex is next for needing painted.

Yeas. I agree. But racer needs some despreate work too.

Vortex got a new paint just a couple years ago, and in my opinion, still looks great. Racer is top priority right now.

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