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^I was just saying that many people said they would never eat at Chick-Fil-A again because of it, even fans of it. I mean, I eat at Chick Fil A for good food, I don't care what they believe in. I just want good food....

Well there are some people who do truly believe in certain ideals. They make choices of where there money is spent. For people who truly believe in same sex marriage they would rather spend money at places that support same sex marriage.

Everyone has "a hill to die on" and you just have not found yours yet. If a restaurant stated that they are raising money to campaign to put children with special needs in special homes where no one would see them, then I would never eat there.

Again its all about the hill to die on...

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Cedar Point does it again!!! This is like X at Magic Mountain outside of L.A.

Not sure where to begin with this one.

I do.

As being one who has been on two different 4D coasters and two different Wing Rider coasters, let me settle this long dispute between the two by saying... Wingriders in no way compare to the amazingness of 4D Coasters!!!!

One coaster literally sends your definition of gravity, whats up and whats down, out the door. The other gives the sensation of flying, while keeping your sense of direction in play.

I wasn't wow'ed by any of the wing rider (X-Flight, Wild Eagle) coasters. Yes they are fun, but as soon as I hit the final breaks the same thing keeps running through my mind, "Meh, I'm over it". Where-as both 4D coasters (eejanaika, X2) left me completely awe struck.

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That isn't that bad. The seats hang off of the side on both rides so I can see where he gets that from.

Don't think so? I can see why you would question it.

As Captain Nemo point out, each ride is very different. To the point that I would say completely different with the exception of both being steel coasters & using wheels.

I would have believed for someone to take the time to look at each ride, and take the time to actually post on CP's FB page that: "Cedar Point does it again!!!" he would really have a small background in being an enthusiast.

Although for it to be "again", you would guess this new coaster decision at CP mimics other decisions made at SFMM, which really has not happened.

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It makes me question if something happened, or if this is planned for a reason.

KI's FB page was always active, especially by KI itself (Don??) providing info & answering many of the same questions- over, and over, and over, and over.....

Whoever is in charge of KI's page is MUCH more visible than whoever is in charge of CP's page.

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Nope! I can't agree with this AT ALL! You can't just change a name, and it becomes the ride you name it! If you changed the name of Adventure Express to King Kobra, it would NOT be King Kobra! It's actually an insult to try and pass off something else as an original! Are we going to see names like Screamin Demon on rides that are not the Demon?

Can you say "missing the point"?

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"They need to just make a new roller coaster. Kings Island needs a change ."

Because there is nothing being built right next to The Bat. Move along, nothing to see there.

I saw that one too. Has the guy been living under a rock all summer?

I knew someone was living in the Cavern of Terror over in Rivertown.......

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