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Vortex on Travel Channel

The Interpreter

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If Vortex loses, then all of KI probably loses, cause I don't see Diamondback beating out TTD or MF for extreme heights.

The Vortex and Kings Island will be in the national spotlight tonight, seen by millions of people from coast to coast. That's a win no matter the outcome of the fan poll. Same with The Beast last week and Diamondback next week.

Thanks to all the KIC members and coaster enthusiasts that participated in the filming of the "Insane Coaster Wars" series at Kings Island.

And no, the ride does not go 80mph. It reaches speeds in excess of 50mph.

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If I am correct, it ended with the inversions getting removed and the ride actually became a great coaster. (Just wanted to point that out, in case anyone didn't know what Terpy meant... :P )

As for a 80mph+ ride doing inversions...it's possible, but the inversions will have to be pretty large at those speeds. More speed=you need a bigger loop, or the g-forces are excessive. Speed: The Ride at NASCAR Cafe (which was recently closed due to the closure of NASCAR cafe, but according to Wikipedia it is being re-located to a new hotel) went 70mph, and it had a loop...now a corkscrew at 80mph, I'm not so sure how you could do that one without making the corkscrew crazy big (and thus requiring a crazy amount of steel to support it)...I could see a B&M Hypercoaster, with a 200'+ drop, possibly even a Wing Rider, with giant inversions along its course (save the Corkscrews for after the MCBR if it has one, though)...the question is, who will pay the sure-fire to be expensive cost to build it...

Speed: The Ride's RCDB page


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Look up viper at SFMM. its 188 ft. tall and has a 171 foot drop. And its a arrow multi-looper(7 inversions to be exact). Last remaining of the 7 looping trio of SIx Flags and the tallest of the three. Its nearly 200 ft. And it can go upsidedown 7 times!. Son of Beast was 200 ft tall and the loop was sucsessful(it wasnt the problem of the ride)So that proves an inversion can be done on a 200ft rollercoaster(hypercoaster)

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I don't have Travel Channel at my house, but I was on vacation on July 22. Lucky for me the place I stayed had Travel Channel! I watched the entire episode. Vortex was the first featured, and i was like Woo Hoo! What surprised me was the "Splintering Speedsters" played after "Wrong Way Up" did, on the same night. :D So I saw 2 of our rides, Beast and Vortex, in one night. Didn't expect THAT to happen... ^_^

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I anybody wants too... (*cough*) I'm sure lote of people would be happy if they post all the videos on here (*cough*). (hint hint) :D

Here's a link to the part of "Wrong Way Up" where Vortex is featured.

and Here's one of the part in "Extreme Heights" where Diamondback is featured

Last but not least, the link to the part of "Splintering Speedsters" where Beast is featured

Unless, Original, you want the full episodes, lol. but at least I posted the links of when our three rides are featured. :)

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Vortex going 80? Oh god......

That ride would offer both amazing air time, and impeccable head banging.

Impeccable head banging? You're saying that the head banging would be perfect? The only perfect head banging in my book is none at all.

jcgoble3, banging his head on the wall for not noticing that three weeks ago

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