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Top Thrill Dragster?

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I'm going up to Cedar Point tomorrow thru Friday and Thursday will be a platinum pass ride night for TTD and Magnum, and I was wondering if my glasses would be safe on TTD if I wore a glasses strap? I wasn't really sure where to post this, so if I posted this in the wrong spot, sorry. :/

Most likely the glasses will be fine on Top Thrill Dragster, if your wearing a glasses strap. :)

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Haha, SWEET! I decided last week on a whim to go to the Point this coming Thursday, since I will be at the Indy Speedway Friday, Moving Saturday, and back to the Speedway on Sunday. My reason for going was to get final rides on Disaster Transport, and had NO idea about the Platinum Pass night for TTD. Some things I just luck into.

EDIT: I wear contacts, so I wear sunglasses during the day and shooting glasses at night for vision on the rides and to keep from losing my contacts due to the wind, and the strap I use on both hold them just fine on TTD.

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^ I believe that Knotts has relaxed their policy on that issue. Early last year the only coaster you couldn't ride with glasses (with straps) was Xcelerator. Apparently that has changed since then, as it is has been reported (within the last two weeks) elsewhere that the only two rides that disallow glasses to be worn are Pony Express and their top spin. It sounds like Knotts has taken notice of some of the complaints and is making adjustments accordingly.

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