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KI 7-26-12 PTR


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Hello! I decided to call this a PTR, as I have a few photos to share, but not much. I went with my mom, my sister Lucy, and her friend Abby. So, we got there just a bit before opening. In about 5 minutes, the national anthem played, and we headed off to Invertigo! When we got there, there was a trash can at the entrance, and nobody in the station.


We headed towards Diamondback, but I saw Drop Tower running. The others won’t ride DT, so they headed to DB and I would meet them after this ride. I also didn’t see any crane by Delirium, and it gave a test run, which was a good sign. So, I asked the employee if this is open early today, and she said yeah, and they switched Invertigo to Drop Tower. Wonder if this is completely true.

Well, I waited for the cycle to end on Drop Tower, and I was literally the only person in line. I was able to pick any seat. 2 other people did get on though, but only 3 people were on this ride. It was a fun ride, as always. I then headed to Diamondback to meet up with the others.

So, I walked onto Diamondback (What I call a literal walk on) and I had a fun ride. My mom was in the row I was sitting in when the ride was done, so I sat with her for another ride. After that, I walked onto Diamondback for 2 more rides, and then I headed to rope drop by Eiffel Tower.

Last time, I went to rope drop by Emporium, and this time I went to rope drop at Eiffel Tower facing Backlot. I wanted to go ride Flight of Fear, because once I rode it at opening and the first few seconds the lights were on. Anyways, after waiting about 10 minutes, I headed to FOF.

When I got there, it was closed. So, I went to Firehawk instead. I got the first ride of the day. I of course, walked on. It was a fun ride, as always. (I hate how I never have anything else to say) I walked to see if FOF was open, but it was closed. I split up with the others, and we said we would meet up at the Ed Alonzo 2 o’clock show, as my mom loves it. Well, I walked to Racer now.

There was a few people in line, and I waited about 5 minutes. Only Red was open, and I rode in the next to back row. It was a good ride, not to rough. And then, I was exiting and heading to Action Zone, and saw something. Delirium, running, with people! So, I thought it’s been closed all this time, so I’ll go ride it!

The line was probably going to be about a 5 minute, 1 cycle wait, but nooo. Fast Laners. I estimate I saw around 30 people go through that FL line while I was in line. But, after a 2 cycle, 10 minute wait, I got on the ride.



When getting my restraint down, my man parts got squished. Ouch. Other than that, it was a fun ride, and it is great that Delirium is back up and running. I was very thirsty, so I stopped for a cup of water. Then I went to Flight Deck.

There was a small line at the station, and it was about a 10 minute wait. I got in the 2nd row. It was, as always, a fun ride. I decided to go up the Eiffel Tower, sense I haven’t done it in awhile.


Still SBNO.


Welcome back!

So, it was a literal walk on for Eiffel Tower. It was, good. Got to see the views, and the lines.


Hi Son of Beast!


Diamondback and it’s short line.

I saw Backlot just opened, so I decided to head there while the line was short. I still waited about 15 minutes, and got on, for a nice Backlot ride. I think the sirens on the police cars were off, but it’s nothing compared to the Backlot at Kings Dominion.


Row 5.

I thought I should go ride Vortex, but the line was kind of long, so I went to WindSeeker instead. WindSeeker was a 15 minute wait, and as always offered nice views. I wanted to head to Beast now, so I went there.

The Beast was about a 10 minute wait. Now, here on KIC, I heard that there was stuff going on in the Crypt building, visible from The Beast line. I didn’t see much, but 2 large doors at the ground were open, but I couldn’t really see through them, I just think I saw electrical stuff and maybe a table.



Anyways, The Beast was a fun ride. But when isn’t it?


I saw that Diamondbacks line was just down the stairs, so I headed there.


I got there and the line started under the track. It was only about 5 minutes, and another great ride. I felt kind of tired, and just headed to Planet Snoopy, and decided to give Woodstock a spin.

It was a literal walk on, and for the back row. And wow, that first drop isn’t that bad! It’s a fun drop! Don’t misjudge it. After that, I decided to get something cool and sit down, and I got a cherry snow cone.

The price said it is $4.99, but including tax, I only got charged $3.82. Maybe there’s a gold pass perk here that was not mentioned anywhere there. But, anyways, I sat down for about 15 minutes and enjoyed my snow cone, then it looked like there was about 40 minutes till the Alonzo show. So, I thought I had time for 1 more Woodstock ride. I waited about 5 minutes and had a fun Woodstock ride, then headed to the Alonzo show.


I’ve never seen the KI Hall Of Fame. Well, I got to the front of the right door for the Alonzo show. The others showed up barely before the doors opened. Well, we did get front row seats, front and center.


The show was good, yet a little old after seeing it 3 times. But, different volunteers can make a funny difference. Lucy wanted to do Delirium, so we headed there. This would also be her first ever ride on Delirium. It was a 5 minute wait, and the ride was similar to before. We then did The Racer, for our last ride.

There was some problems going on, but they were fixed. Lucy and Abby rode Blue and me and mom rode front in Red. It was, well, what do you think? So, then we left, and I had a FUN 10th visit to Kings Island!

A couple notes:

*Delirium of course is back open. Who’s glad it’s back?

*Apparently, Invertigo swapped for Drop Tower for ERT. I wonder why.

*This isn’t about KI, but on The Beach sign, instead of saying Thanks for 27 years of great memories, it said A New Adventure coming to The Beach in 2013!, or something like that.

Well, as always, thanks for reading!

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I especially love the part about The Crypt. I may be one of the most excited for the new Haunt. Even if it sucks like a couple other Haunts *cough* Tombstone Terrortory *cough* Mysteria *cough cough*, I'd still do it at least once every time I go, just to see Durga, the queue, and the lava pit.

Like every other report you make, I say that this was no exception in saying that it was EXCELLENT! I am so glad that Delirium is back open after weeks of being down.

Glad you had FUN! Thanks for posting!

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*This isn’t about KI, but on The Beach sign, instead of saying Thanks for 27 years of great memories, it said A New Adventure coming to The Beach in 2013!, or something like that.

Well, as always, thanks for reading!


thats only because they got a new owner and there is suppose to be 4 new slides when it opens for the 2013 summer. Hope this helps.

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I'd still do it at least once every time I go, just to see Durga, the queue, and the lava pit.

Good luck with that.

Yeah, I kind of figure everything "Crypt" about it will be taken out, including Durga, and the queue, and the lava pit.

That doesn't make sense. Why would you remove items that can be used for potential theming? I'm willing to bet that most things from The Crypt will still stand come Halloween Haunt 2012.

They can still light up Durga, they can still illuminate the LED's in the lava pit, and they can still use the whole entire queue for actual queueing purposes! It makes too much sense to not use what they have.

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Well, they obviously can vaguely illuminate Durga because it was proven so last year.

What ties does the former Crypt queue have to Tomb Raider anymore?

You could just light up the former lava pit LED's and call it a blood pit. How does that have anything to do with Tomb Raider?

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Wait... Something just hit me. Tomb Raider: The Ride was The Crypt, and The Crypt is no longer a ride. All that is left was theming. Does that mean that the lights, rock work, etc can all be used in something that is related to adventure? Also, what if the props are all split up among different Haunts? Can they be used then?

1 more thing: How is it that Durga can be copyrighted when it is a religious goddess? To me, I think it can be used however Kings Island wishes because it is a god from a religious belief and I don't really think that should be able to be copyrighted. Has anyone ever placed a copyright on the Catholic God?

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Who said it was copyrighted? The prop itself may be being used under license. If so, the terms of that license would prevail. It is my understanding the contract of sale to Cedar Fair, and appurtenant documents, is very specific about what can and cannot be done, and for how long, with certain intellectual properties that either were VIACOM properties or used under license.

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Provided things are still there, I doubt you will see Durga illuminated because she was part of a former story-line on a ride that doesn't exist anymore. As for everything else, you have to account for safety and egress locations. If they plan on using the main show building, there are certain things to think about. The Heart of the Tomb was not meant to have people walking around in it. It was built to provide the show environment for a large ride. Things have to change in order to accommodate a walk-through Haunt attraction.

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