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Son of Beast roller coaster to be removed

Guest KingsIslandPR

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Did the park order the gear from Spacely's Space Sprockets and by chance did George build it? Or did Cogswell build the original gear and it was of an inferior quality?

I believe that Spacely's has no longer been servicing KI since sometime in 05/06.... I now believe that all gears are being run through the Wah Wah Wah Factory and the great GM Woodstock.... They bought out Cogswell

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I did notice Flight Deck was closed when I was there today, the first thing that entered my mind was how the proximity of FD to SoB could have something to do with the tearing down. Speculation of course, I do not claim this to be true or hold any water.

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I understand the Terpy thing, but Terp doesn't do it at the end of EVERY post, and his are almost always understandable.

That is, unless they're Cryptic.

Please see my "Thoughtfull Abuddy" on Another forum, he is FUN like always..........

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