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Ride Greetings


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When I went to Kings Island with my cousin and we were in line for Flight of Fear and we were outside by the que enter. Then we were approached by a ride opperator who asked us about our day and we struck up a conversation.When we actually went to the ride, we were approached by another guy asking us about our day. I was surprized, is it just me or are the empolyees a lot more hospitable than before?

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I do not understand why it keeps being discussed renaming Fort Kinzel.

Mr. Kinzel is an extremely respected man who was intimately involved in building the Cedar Fair we know (and most of us, love) today.

How I see it, changing the name of the fort would be a malicious move, actually mattering only to Mr. Kinzel himself. Why would anybody deprive him of this small gesture, his name being remembered?

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