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My late TR On August 4th (KIC Day)


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This TR is preetty neat. Not only did I meet some KIC-ers, it was my first time on Invertigo, FOF, The Beast at night, Wind seeker at night (with fireworks!), and backlot sunt coaster at night! It was a pretty fun day I suggest you read it!Obviously my tr is late, yes, I'm aware of that. I also know that there is already a tr about KIC Day. But my day was diffrent but fun... It is barely the same as ohiocolts TR of KIC Day beacause I ended up only being with the group for an hour. The next section isnt very exciting, but the rest is.

We (my dad,me,my brother,his girlfreind, her son, and daughter ) pulled up at the parking lot fee gate when The Crypt texted me that he would be 2 hours late :( . We found a parking spot and headed in. We walked over to the Fast Lane booth (10:00) and it was MOBBED. Its a good thing I read what you were all going to wear or I would of never found you guys! When I found them we all said our user names, and most of us said our real names(I said mine). After that we just stood and talked waiting for more people to arrive. I was with my dad's girlfreind's son,(the rest of them went to ride other stuff) Andrew (he is 13 ) and he was bored out of his mind. Mean while, Gabe said he was going to go to the restroom and come back. We waited a good 45 minutes and he never came back. Sorry Gabe. I planned to meet my dad at the Eifle tower at 11:00. By the time we decided to get moving I had about 15 minutes to head back. All of the group wanted to ride Invertigo since we were right there. At the time I havent rode Invertigo myself (I did end up riding it later), and Andrews biggest ride being The Vortex that he rode 2 years ago, I decided that we were going to leave the group. We got PKI Boy's phone number and told tem we would meet up with them later.

We rode Viking Fury, a nice ride. We hopped over the fence on the exit (short cut, oops) and ran over to the eifle tower. My dads girlfreind came and we (Andrew and I) told her we would like to ride some more rides together. That was fine with her so me and Andrew ran over to The Racer. We got on the red close to the back, and we were off! I showed Andrew FOF (he was nagging me all day that he wanted to ride it) and told him how scary it was beacuse I didnt want him to ride it, love it, then drag me into riding it. I hadn't rode it at the time and I was scared. My perswasion didnt seem to effect him. Then we plunged down the hill and Andrew yelled with joy he was laughing all the way. Meanwhile I was suffreing brain damage. When we stopped he was all pumped up and said he wanted to ride it again. I suggested AE and he said ok. (My dad's girlfreind's children had only rode 2 roller coasters at the park before so all this exept racer and Vortex was new to them).

We went through Fast Lane for AE (no wait) and he was all scared about it. We rode in the front seat. I kept telling him it was a small ride but he was nervous as ever. We were off, and he facepalmed himself when we went up the hill and he said "this really is small" it was a fun ride. It wasn't as jerky up front. We went up the hill with the tiki guys and we all did the fist thing. We got up to where you saw the main tiki guy who pours the guts on you but you couldnt see the day light. Thats when I told Andrew that this was the part where the biggest drop in the park was! His eyes got real wide and when we creeped over the hump and saw the station he face palmed himself again. Good Times. ^_^

After that we walked all the way over to stunt coaster. We got in the Fast Lane line (about 10 minute wait) but they needed two people so we got to cut everyone in Fast Lane too! :lol: It was a two cycle wait and I told andrew this is how FOF took off,But 14 miles faster. As always he was way over nervous. We got in the car and VRRRRROOOOMMM! We were off. He yelled on the first turn but laughed the whole way. Once we stopped at midway point he was totally unawear of the up coming fire blast and jumped out of his seat as far as his seatbelt let him. After that ride,we walked over towerds The Beast. Andrew told me he kind of renembers riding The Beast, but was always, he was way to nervous. We got in the Fast Lane line and it was a 15 minute wait. But the actual wait was a 90 minute wait, so we didnt mind at all for our 15 minutes. We got in the very back. He was very nervous going up the hill. He had his eyes shut tight. After that hill it was a fun ride. Then we went and did WWC once again, fun. Then we went to Boo Blasters to get cold from the AC. It was fun too. But then we had to run all the way accross the park to get to Vortex. Ugh <_<

We headed over to The Vortex to meet up with eveybody. Once we got there Bailey was laughing very hard. Apperently she loves the Wind seeker and had already rode it 2 times. She told me as they were coming down when it stopped spinning her shoe fell off and hit one of the opperaters. The Opperater saw it coming, so he knew it wasnt on purpous. They didnt even say the thing about how its illegal to drop things from the ride over the microphone, which I was very suprised about. I laughed too. We rode Vortex, a good ride exept that I suffered brain damage, again. But still a good ride. We walked over to the photo booth and saw our picture. My face was quite hilarious. It was all white from the flash, I had a double chin from the force of the ride, my eye balls looked like they were going to explode, and My mouth was open from trying to say "chese". I asked the man to pull up our number of the picture onto the closer screen but he said he couldn't because of inaproprite body use. (I was like okay???) And I asked him what was wrong with the picture and he said it was my toung sticking out. I didnt understand that, lots of peoples mouths are open in the pictures and my toung wasnt sticking out. Oh well.

I rode wind seeker with bailey and my brother good ride, Andrew wouldnt ride it. He went over to ride FOF. He came back in a love daze about it. Obviously he liked it. Then we walked alllllllll the wayyyyy back to the parking lot for lunch. Me and Andrew were kind of upset because we just came from boo blasters and ran all the way over to Vortex, but oh well. I was starved so I didn't mind. We ate sandwiches, for 45 minutes, and headed back in. I noticed my phone was dead so I had no way of contacting the group, sorry guys. We headed towards Action Zone I convinced them to ride Delirium and got in line. Andrew was nervous as always, bailey was exicited, My bother was relaxed, I was happy, and andrew was nervous as always. Someone thoughed up before we got on our numbers, so they had to wash it then run it dry. Then when we got our numbers, someone thoughed up AGAIN so they had to was it then run it clean again. It took us 30 min to get on from all the cleaning but it was still fun. They loved it so much we did it again with a 5 min. wait this time.

Us kids all walked over to find the adults. My dad asked me to do Invertigo, and I said ok. He was surprised, he wasnt expecting me to say that. It usally takes 2 monthes of perswasion to get me on a ride. I was excited with a smile and laughed the whole way. Loved it! Then we went over and did FD. My favorite part of that ride is when it stops because its changing gears or somthing. Thats when I yelled back at Andrew " OMG Andrew! We stopped!". But of coarse we kept moving. After that ride we saw the Ed Alfonzos show. Second time for me. I noticed that The potty humor jokes wernt as noticable. I guess Ed Alfonzo got a guilt trip from his heart. :P I loved the show. I know most of the magis they do from a show I used to watch called Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed. But I still loved the show.

When we came out I saw joncars05 with his freind. I ran up and tapped him on the sholder. He turned around, and with a surprised look he said "Hi!". I said "You splited up with the group too?" He laughed. "Yeah, we have been bumping into them time to time though". I said "Oh. I havent seen them since this morning because my phone died and I have no way of contacting them". He laughed and said "Thats funny." We said some other stuff then he headed over to Invertigo. Andrew had been nagging me still on riding FOF with him and I said " I'll ride my first ride on FOF with you, if you ride your first ride on Invertigo with me" he said ok, and me and him went over and there was joncars05. He said "Hello again!" I said hello back. He asked me If I had rode this yet and I told him once earlier this morning and this was andrews first time. He said "You'll love it". He turnedx around and the lady asked him how many, he aid 4 which I didnt expect him to say, but was nice. We got on face to face with him and me and andrew went up backwards up the hill while they were going forwards up the hill. Our Me and Andrews chets pressed against the resistaints and Andrew kept saying "ooohhh crrrappp" a bunch of times. joncars05 said relax this is the worst part of the ride right here. We laughed. Then Joncars05 said "click" and we all laughed are way down and around. On the second hill we all said "click" together and laughed our way back. Andrew loved it.

We went back to meet up with my dad and his mom, right outside Invertigo they waited for us they didnt go on. Justin (my younger brother) and bayleigh (Andrews younger sister) were in the brige for Congo falls. When they came back swe all headed to FOF but only me and Andrew rode it. Justin and bayleigh rode bumper cars. I was really nervous about the take off. But after it was over, it was my favorite part of the ride! After that I rode Wind Seeker with bayleigh with the lights on. It was at dusk. So I didnt get the full expirence with the lights. After that we headed over to Back Lot Stunt Coaster. It is one of my favorite rides. We (me, bayleigh, justin, and Andrew) rode it twice. By then it was plenty dark out for.. MY FIRST NIGHT RIDE ON The Beast!!!

I was so excited. The wait was the same as this morning for Fast Lane I was surprised about. But the regular line was now a 3 hour wait. We picked our gates and I turned around and saw ohiocolts and jcoble3 at the front of the fastlane. I ran over and said sorry for not keeping in contact with them because I had no way to reach them. They invited me to ride Diamond Back with them after that, but I said no thanks. I have not rode DB (because of fear), I plan to next year. My dad called me over but I was finishing my conversation. I said by, ran over to the gates slipped in-between them as they were closing and jumped into my seat. Pretty awesome ninja skills if you ask me :ph34r: (haha). Then we took off for my first night ride on The Beast!!! :D I love it! I wish they would take out a couple lights but it was still pretty neat. The concreat tunnel was my favorite.

After the best beast ride ever, everyone else went to the car exept my and bayleigh. We headed over to Wind Seeker. This was my first true night ride on it. When we got our seats, I noticed it was 9:57. I said " Hey! I think we will cach the fire works!" she got excited. After they checked us all it was 9:59 when we headed up. 3/4 of the way up the fire works started. It has got to be my best WindSeeker expirence ever. All th ki ride lights on, wind seeker's pattern lights next to us, and fire works! The fire works were awfuly close. Im surprised they dont close down it. Although (acording to The Crypt) KI's fireworks are craptastic. Yes, they were. But it was really neat to be so cool with all the other lights on. We headed back to the car and drove to the hotel. Great day. :D Thanks for readin'!

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You want responses?

Thanks for sharing your day with us!

Terp, who is always glad to read of first rides, first night rides, etc.

Im happy to get them! I'm sick, so I had some time on me and it brightens my day too see that some people actualy read it. :D

I do go to KI alot. Last year I went a good 25 times. The reason this TR has most of my first night rides is because when we go to KI we wouldnt stay that late (about 8'o clock) so we didnt get stuck in trafic.

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After taking almost an hour and a half to write, the TR for MY part of August 4th is finally up!! (Caution: It's really long, yet intricately detailed) ;)

Edit: I just remembered something. When I was walking toward the Front Gate while leaving the park at around 10:30-10:40 pm on 8/04, I do recall seeing a good-sized group walking in the opposite direction, probably in/around Action Zone. Maybe it was you guys? I don't know for sure. :D

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