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Windseeker ride malfunction strands Knott's visitors

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I wouldn't. Why waste all the money they laid down for several parks in the chain just to rip them out? They tried and tried and tried with our Giant Top Spin, Giant Frisbee, and other attractions. It has to be a huge failure for it to leave the park after a few years (a la The Bat).

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Cedar Point's eventually did open for opening day. However, it was faced with numerous closures due to......wait for it........wind. There were a few times it wouldn't come to it's homing spot. It often rose a few feet before getting back to its homing spot. Very interesting. One note about the evacuation vehicle, it is located behind the former Oceana stadium (where All-Wheels Extreme is now located).

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Opening Day was rough for a lot of the rides. Dragster ran for proably twenty minutes totall all day. Maverick didn't open untill around noon. Rough day.

To echo this, Opening Day was a nightmare on rides being open. I don't know how many times I saw WindSeeker with people on it one cycle, then several empty. By the time I left 7:30-8 ish, everything was shut down.

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