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Guests Say the Darnest Things HAUNT


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This past Friday night, my friend and I were at the front gates, sitting against the wall and people watching by the electric chair dummy. It's great to watch people get scared when it goes off. A group of guys who looked about my age (18) came into the park as the chair went off, and the "ring leader" of the group made a thrusting motion toward the dummy right in front of it. His friends guffawed and high fived each other.

I really hate my generation sometimes.

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I never had ANY desire to see a real midget bleed.

And you know what? I didn't.

Terp, who acts consistently with his beliefs.

I couldn't really see them fight, much less bleed. I tried to move closer to see what they were doing, and a bunch a people started whining. Then security told me it was a reserved spot. This was my face ---> <_< of course

The I turned around an one had a trash can and this was my face -------> :mellow: wut.

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