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Holiday World: "Something New" for 2013 - UPDATE: Announcement Tuesday 10/23

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If you want to be one of the first to find out, you better stay up late tonight. The video announcement will go live on HW's YouTube channel "probably" at around 2:00 am (I assume Central Time) tomorrow morning, at the same time the press release is emailed to the news media so that everything's available for the morning news.

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I'll probably still be up writing a paper that I haven't started yet.

And let me guess: it's due at 8:00 am sharp tomorrow? ;)

Nope it is due at 11:35 sharp tomorrow. :)

And it is only a rough draft.

Well, you work on that and try not to be distracted too much by the HW announcement. I'll be on tomorrow, most likely not until afternoon. Good night! :)

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Well, wow...this is far, far more than I was expecting...Splashin' Safari gets even better next year with RHINO Blaster (great slide name!), and they just got Mammoth to boot...a new teacup ride for Holiday World...new shows...Pilgrims Plunge getting re-named Giraffica (not the best name ever, but neither was its old one, so...), a after-dark light show...new dive show stadium...and the price tag isn't as extreme as I expected at $6.5 million, either...

Consider me suprised...and impressed. Holiday World really seems to know what they're doing...here's their cool new for 2013 youtube video...


Holiday World, please, keep being this awesome for years to come... ^_^

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