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Best Park


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1. Paramount's Kings Island

2. Six Flags Great America

3. Hersheypark

4. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

5. Disneyland

The only thing missing from Kings Island to be a "perfect park" would be a major non-looping steel coaster and maybe better shows and a a full-service restaurant. Including Boomerang Bay in admission is a major plus for me. Six Flags Great America doesn't have any indoor coasters or major rides to escape the rain or heat from in the summer. Unless I missed it, they could use a full-service restaurant. Hersheypark is lacking on the major indoor coasters and attractions as well. They have fantastic shows and a fun atmosphere. Great wood and steel are covered, but a nice big non-looping steelie would be nice. BGW- where's the wood? They're lacking in the quantity of rides dept., but they're a hardcore quality park, so it's hard to leave unsatisfied. Disneyland is missing the wood and doesn't have a lot of thrills. I think they're perfect in the rest of the above though.


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1. Universal Studios and IOA

2. Cedar Point

3. Disney World

4. Busch Gargens Williamsburg

5. Dollywood

Why is Dollywood on my list? Two major reasons...Thunderhead and great park atmosphere. The things that keeps PKI off the list are a major steel coaster and a great "themed" atmosphere. All other parks have UNBELIEVABLE atmosphere, except CP, but they make up for it in GREAT coasters.

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1. IOA

2. Universal Studios

3. PKI

4. Dollywood

5. Carowinds

Dollywood makes my list because it's the closest park to me, I've been going there everysince I was little, and its 100% country just like me! biggrin.gif

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For park cleanliness I'll say Cedar Point hands down. Never seen a cleaner park.

I have to disagree with you on that..but I agree, they run a pretty clean park. The cleanest park I have seen, and made NUMEROUS comments on our trip there, has to be Holiday World...next time you are there...and if you spot some trash, its probably becasue you also see someone picking it up and throwing it away...


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