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Coaster Train Seat Padding

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I was recently mattress shopping. I tested all kinds of available beds - all makes, firmnesses, etc. - and something started tugging at my brain......why couldn't some of these materials be used to pad coaster train seats?

The specific material I have in mind is the Posturepedic stuff. You sink into it and it holds you. Granted, on a coaster train it would be covered with vinyl or something like it, and that covering would prevent the sinking, but it would seem that the Posturepedic material would certainly provide a great deal of cushioning and protection.

Of course, I know nothing of what current (and past, for that matter) coaster train padding consists of - and it might even be this stuff already - but I'd like to know some good information on this subject.

You never know when I might build my own coaster and need ideas!

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I'm guessing the Posturepedic stuff is probably expensive, like 74Gibson said. Based on the way it holds shape and reshapes itself somewhat slowly when you get off, I'm also guessing that it would fatigue/go flat pretty quickly. I'm speculating: It's like if you had a huge line of people of various body shapes line up and take turns laying down on your bed for a couple minutes, usually shaking around while doing so. After a while, your Posturepedic foam would presumably give up and become this fairly firm, flat sheet.

I could also very easily be wrong, but that seems probable to me. Don't know much about the life of Posturepedic matresses.

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I work in the surgery department, and we are trialing a new memory foam pad. It will be placed basically from the buttocks and up to the head. They are for one time use (as you can imagine) but, it is used for patients that are going to be in surgery for an extended period of time, or if the patient will be in an unusual position.

I thought the usage for a coaster train seat (covered, of course) would make for a more comfortable ride experience.

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A 20 million dollar machine!!!!! A few extra bucks for seat padding shouldn't matter at all - except if it required frequent changing. The Posturepedic stuff is advertized as never losing it's memory. I believe it was used in the NASA programs.

I don't like the stuff. I own a pillow made with the material and I don't find it comfortable for my taste in any way, shape or form.

Keep the posts coming - good stuff, my friends!

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