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How Many Visits Did You Make to Kings Island in 2012?


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I intended to buy a two-day ticket this season, but I ended up getting a season pass at the last second and going six times. It was my first season visiting KI since 2004.

^^^ Next year, if you want a 2014 pass, buy/renew before the park closes in October to avoid the price increase. (2013 passes were $80 through October, but are now $105 - or 100/90 if you buy 4+/renew a 2012 pass.)

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If we're talking about other parks as well, I ventured out to several new parks this year:


-Busch Gardens Tampa

-Universal Studios Orlando

-Islands of Adventure

-Discovery Cove

I went on the grounds of Coney Island (Cinci) and took pictures, but rides weren't physically open, so I'm not counting it. I've really wanted to get out to Wonderland for awhile, maybe next year could be "that year".

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11 this year. I'm beginning to get bored with KI, so next year I may trade a few KI visits for an extra trip to CP and/or HW instead.

I know how that goes. I got pretty burnt out on Cedar Point in 2010 and 2011, so I downgraded to a Gold pass this year and only went to KI. I'm not back to craving CP trips, especially since I feel like the removal of DT and SS removed some of what I find charming about the park, but I don't feel sick of the place, either.

Maybe I'll make it back up there in 2013. I could go for a ride on Millennium Force, Gemini, Magnum, or Wicked Twister.

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