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Theme Park Secrets -- PKI


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They should have a secret revealed on how not to get beat up on SOB. tongue.gif

Heck, I'll give you the secrets:

Sit near the front of the train.

You will notice that each car has 3 rows in it. Sit in the second one. That way, you're not on one of the wheels.

Try to ride it after it rains.

If you can't try to ride it in the morning (I know that this is when line is usually longest, but you gotta do what you gotta do), or when you can see that the ride has been closed for a while, or when the train is near-empty.

Pull up on the lap bar a little when going up the larger hills to resist the g's that will push it down.

Cross your legs at your ankles to put more room between you and the bar.

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Last year I had no problems with SOB, however earlier this summer it beat the hell out of me. The rosebowl was rough, but nothing that I can't put up with. The worst part for me, was the last hill just before brake run. Just as the train crests the top of the hill it slams up into the track, and destroys my back and neck.

This year SOB is one of the only coasters that i've ridden, and looked FORWARD to when it stops. This ride could be incredible, and I am sure PKI is dedicated to making it great, but for the meantime I am not the biggest SOB fan.

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