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KI Photo Chain Game


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Alight it's been awhile since we've had a offseason game here on the boards. This game is simple and involves your pictures you took at Kings Island.
The post above yours will have two choices of locations in the park one "easy" and one more specific "hard"

If no one responds for over 2 days or so feel free to skip the photo and move on.

Use your personal photos you've taken. No searching the net for photos.

Keep photo locations CURRENT



Lets add a 3rd option for photo locations called "Expert" (Something extremely specific yet practical) feel free to use previous peoples unfound locations if you can't think of one.

Your goal is to answer the Expect levels before the Easy levels

Easy: (A basic simple practical location in the park)
Hard: (A more specific practical location in the park)
Expert: (Very specific practical location in the park)

Example Post

Hard- Coney Mall Arch (Location in the park that is more specific)
Easy- Diamondback Splash Down (Location in the park that is more vague)

and the response post would be...


Hard- Viking Fury Entrance Sign
Easy- Vortex's Batwing

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Cool idea Paul...I doubt I will be able to participate a whole bunch...just super busy lately...but I do think it's great that you are trying to make this off-season go faster for everybody! :)


Taken during a Club Blood tour back in 2008.

Hard: A shot of someone enjoying The Crypt. A shot of Delirium's storage lockers.

Easy: A shot looking down on the fountain.

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You didn't say that the fountains had to be operational or how high you had to look down on them from. :P (Taken from the International Restaurant at the GOCC Holiday Party on 12/10/2011.)

Hard: White Water Canyon turntable in action

Easy: Diamondback's first drop w/ train

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True but go with it^ Try your best to not web search :)

Hard: A picture of someone smiling riding Son of Beast

Easy: A picture of King Cobra being dismantled

A photo of King Cobra being removed isn't current or "easy" ;) .... No worries


Hard : Backlot Stunt Coaster's Fire Effect
Easy : Racer's Sign

Things to remember, keep photo locations Current.

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