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KI Photo Chain Game

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Boy, what are the odds!


Alright, SonofBaconador, I admit it. I cheated. I bought the cat from Cedar Point.



Lets add a 3rd option for photo locations called "Expert" (Something extremely specific yet practical) feel free to use previous peoples unfound locations if you can't think of one.

Your goal is to answer the Expect levels before the Easy levels

Easy: (A basic simple practical location in the park)
Hard: (A more specific practical location in the park)
Expert: (Very specific practical location in the park)

Please keep all locations "Current"

Easy: Flowers in the park
Hard: Backlot Queue
Expert: Close up of the emblem on the front of The Beast Trains.

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I don't have pics of the Hard or Expert things, so I'll just go with the Easy.


Easy: Any tree in Rivertown

Hard: A shot of a Diamondback train going down the first drop (taken from under the first drop)

Expert: Front car of a Vortex train, close up

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I'll claim the first "expert" shot:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/jcgoble3/7122949085/'>Royal Fountains by http://www.flickr.com/people/jcgoble3/'>jcgoble3, on Flickr

Yes, that was taken on opening day this year, as you can see on the Flickr page.

Easy: Halloween Haunt scareactor (standbyme)

Hard: White Water Canyon turntable in action (me ×2)

Expert: Food buffet at Backyard BBQ

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Lol, what exactly is the definition of current? This is from 2010.

NOTE: I do NOT look like that anymore! haha

Easy: WindSeeker in motion from a distance.

Hard: Photo from the Eiffel Tower focusing on something outside of the park.

Expert: Skyline shot of Kings Island that is NOT taken from: I-71, Kings Island Drive, or the parking lot!

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