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KI Photo Chain Game

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Boy, what are the odds!


Alright, SonofBaconador, I admit it. I cheated. I bought the cat from Cedar Point.


Easy: Rivertown Junction

Hard: a set of lockers, anywhere in the park

Expert: a pic of you playing one of the games in Coney Mall

**Edit** yes, now that I have made my post, I realize my pic doesn't show the building, but just the queue…so feel free to override my post, or not…sorry for the mix-up! Too many pics!

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**Edit** yes, now that I have made my post, I realize my pic doesn't show the building, but just the queue…so feel free to override my post, or not…sorry for the mix-up! Too many pics!

I see no problem with your picture. It does show a bit of the rock, and the plants covering it. Seems valid to me.

I'll count it as answered on my list of unanswered challenges (which I need to post an update of). Speaking of answering challenges, I'm going to answer three at once, TheCrypt's "hard" challenge and two of KIfan73's in no particular order:




The last one (actually, all of them) were taken on Opening Day 2012 when RJ was under construction.

Easy: Racer queue (KIfan73)

Hard: Coke Freestyle machine (jcgoble3 ×3)

Expert: Trash can blocking entrance to closed ride (new challenge)

I encourage you to try to answer two or even all three at once! :)

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OK, here's an updated list of unanswered challenges. Instead of a huge wall of text this time, I put everything into a Google Drive spreadsheet. The link is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuPkaMcZP5OodC1UNUViVnhBOWY1eU0yXzl5elc5QVE Only I can edit the spreadsheet. The rows are sorted by category first, then by general subject within each category, and then by difficulty. This way you can more easily find a particular challenge, or all of the challenges for a certain subject. I'll update it periodically. Enjoy!

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Taken on Labor Day when I rode in row 3-1 on Vortex as part of an "experiment" I was doing that day. The drizzle can be seen in the foreground.

Easy: A shot taken anywhere in the park on a sunny day

Hard: WindSeeker's light package, at night

Expert: Stream under Flight Deck (MF2000CMH)

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^ This thread should cause us all to take more pictures this season, so we have more for the 2013-2014 edition of this game!

If i notice anybody taking pictures of toilet stalls i shall introduce myself,on second thought,maybe not! :P Seriously,I bet Don would totally kick @$$ at this game,the man is a picture taking machine!

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I know you are joking, BUT Cedar Fair, and Cedar Point in particular, has had serious issues with pictures in rest rooms. They at one time even posted signs warning against this. Taking pictures in a rest room can be illegal, a serious crime and subject the photographer to some VERY draconian penalties, including lifetime registration as a sexual offender.

Don't do it. Don't even think about it.

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Photo of KI from outside the park on the night of Closing Day

Lighting in Coney Mall that was still on at the moment after the park closed, also taken on Closing Day

(yes, I know the pics are blurry. Whenever my camera's flash was off, it took pictures at a slower speed than needed :mellow: )

Easy: A shot of the park on a cloudy day

Hard: WindSeeker at night with its lights on

Expert: Any set(s) of lockers that are within the park

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I really hope WindSeeker will operate more next season. Even if I don't go on it on a certain trip, it is a spectacle to see in the surrounding area. It adds something to the atmosphere of the park, but I can't place my finger on it.

Easy: Adventure Express

Hard: Ticket booths outside front gate

Expert: Linus' Launcher

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A few rides in Planet Snoopy and a little bit of Rivertown. Taken from Eiffel Tower.

July 10, after park closing

A little of the stream can be seen at the bottom of this image. :)

Easy: Any ride's queue

Hard: Any ride in Coney Mall, at night

Expert: Any set of park lockers

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