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Question about Ohio Schools


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Since I live in Canada, I am sure that schools here and there go back at different times.

What I am wondering, is when do most elementry, and high schools head back? I am planning on coming down to PKI for another five days during the week of August 23rd to the 27th which were initially closed but are now open to the public.

I hope crowds will be down just due to the fact that many people won't know they are open, but also it could be remedied if schools are back.

If anyone could help me out, it would be great.


I can't wait to come back, It will be my fourth trip to PKI. The first time I came down was the beginning of last summer of 2003 for a weekend. The second, was at the end of October for FearFest for a weekend. It was actually the last weekend of operation, had one of the last public rides on The Beast.. smile.gif

Then earlier this year I came down for five days, and camped in the campground. Such an awesome expierence to stay right next to the park, and be able to spend five full days in the park.

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I should of included this in my first post, but I read on Screamscape that the Tique's took their final ride last night.

Does anyone know if the Flying Eagles are still operational, or have they closed as well.

I REALLY hope the Scooters are open for next week, I've been waiting to snap all summer long since my last visit. It would definately be a letdown to not have them open.

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Ha! I finally got to you, Ariel!! Muah-ha-ha-ha!!


For high schools, most go back within the next week. Cincy Public goes back the 24th.

But a large part of the ride ops at PKI are in college. The two biggest colleges in Ohio (Ohio State and University of Cincy) don't start until Sept. 22. Ohio U starts right around Labor Day, I think. Miami U (where a LOT of PKI people go to) has already started, I think.

It is ride ops policy to give priority to coasters and other huge rides (like Drop Zone, Tomb Raider, Delirium). The little flat rides and kiddie land are the main areas affected.

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Ah the wonders of being in college....

And the flyers, according to the Rivertown area manager of rides will be open for the rest of the season, I asked.

Yes it's nice being in College, however I am due back on September 1st, oh well one more year to go.

Thanks for asking about the Eagles, I can't wait to get back in the tubs and get the cables snapping! biggrin.gif

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I wait for this week all year were the local schools go back, like two years ago, I went there and rides like The Beast, Vortex, the ones that have three trains are walk up and wait for the next train to come around. Or the flat rides that are large in how many it can hold our walk on's of wait one cycle. So its going to be dead days (23-27)

All biggrin.gif from me this week.

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I'm gonna take a beating 4 this

Yeah; you are.

Eagles are great; the first time I snapped a tub, my ladyfriend grabbed the handle so hard, she nearly crushed my hand. Needless to say, the rest of the ride was pretty crappy, but who cares. I'LL BE BACK...

Thank JESUS they're keeping it. I think reinstalling scooters on the old Flight Commander platform would be pretty cool, mainly since it's elevated about 8-10 feet.

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