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Dollywood is closing Adventure Mountain

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So I wonder if they deemed the real estate better suited fir this new attraction. Or if they were not impressed with the upkeep/throughput/popularity of Adventure Mountain. Seems odd it only lasted three seasons. Before it was built, that was just a barren hillside.

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Not a rumor, but here's hoping Dollywood gets a (proper) Drop Tower. That would be a neat spot for one, as you've got the train running along the hill on one side and Wild Eagle/Mystery Mine on the other to give riders an exaggerated sense of height. Kind of like how I hate sitting on the Skyflyer/Son of Beast/Eiffel Tower sides of Drop Tower because it reminds me how stinking high up I am. :P

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Maybe they could build a coaster that would follow a giant Dolly Parton's body form. It would have a couple of really big hills, have a lot of shaking built into it, and it would only be open 9 to 5.

Oh, also, it would have a short duration of a ride time.

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My boys (7 and 10) and I loved Adventure Mountain. My wife wanted no part if it ;^)

In fact, when we visited this past spring this was the first thing they wanted to "ride".

They felt like really big kids navigating the "dangerous" cliffs and rope paths. The line was often slow, but we felt like we got our money's worth because sometimes we were on the course for 15 minutes or even longer.

It was such a unique attraction, for a theme park anyway.

My guess is it required too many employees to staff it and be profitable. Or perhaps a lawyer or "risk-assesser" got jittery about the whole thing.

We will miss it. Hopefully it's replacement will be fun.

I would think that Adventure Mountain could be moved to another location or facility. It seemed very heavy duty and well constructed.

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Imagination Cinema to reopen in 2013 as new venue featuring a show about Dolly's family, former Adventure Mountain will be an active construction zone when the park opens next season, Dollywood promises a new, never seen before, attraction which will take both the area occupied by Adventure Mountain and the adjacent hillside across from River Battle:


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