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If you could ask Don one question.


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Do you think that if you ask, McDonalds will make you a TRIPPLE quarter pounder?

They will each fast food place now has a secret menu it seems. In n Out started it but like Burger king an order of frings they'll do 1/2 fry 1/2 rings:

This is and example of some from a October article. My favorite secret menu is also at white castle, turf and surf at white castle fish filet with double cheese burger one patty of fish stuffed on the sandwich:

In N out has the longest running secret menu for sure.




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More than 35 years ago, I worked in a fast food restaurant. Even then, we had a secret item. It was called a Secret. A grilled cheese, made with butter and an inside out hamburger bun, pressed panini style (not that we knew what a panini was, we didn't). We also served a "Dino Burger," which was our Whopper clone (a "Super Deluxe") served without meat. Neither appeared on the menu.

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I know some questions that could probably drive Don insane:

1. When is (fill in the blank defunct attraction) going to return?

2. When is Winterfest returning?

3. When will the trams come back?

4. Where is Son of Beast? (You know there will still be people asking it next summer)

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I think I would honestly just ask Don if working in the park has increased or decreased his love of amusement parks, in general KI.

I think this is a very good question. One that I have thought about asking, but never seem to remember it when I happen to see Don at the park! Hopefully I can remember this next season.

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could you bring back the last drop on both of The Racers?(yes im fine with it all being forwards) Is FunPerks returning next year?

Can't really speak for Don, but I'd say that Fun Perks is certainly returning next year.

Don's even mentioned its return here, in another thread: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25686-gold-passes/page-2#entry482730

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It was a different time. It was a simpler time.

What it was then probably would not be considered so amazing and majestic now.

Consider, years from now many will look back to now as the good old days.

"The good old days weren't always good, tomorrow ain't as a bad as it seems."

Time tends to patch any kind of flaw we once thought existed. If you can't enjoy now, you can't enjoy at all.

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