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Flashback Till Opening Day 2013


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It's 2013 and just under four more months until Kings Island opens its gates.

For the 3rd year, each day I will try my best to post a "vintage" Kings Island photo from my massive collection of photos I've saved and came across over the years.

Most of the photo's I will be posting are not my personal photos and I do not claim them to be mine. If anyone has a problem with a certain photo they wish not to be posted or anything else feel free to "Personal Message" me on KIC rather then posting in the topic.

If you have photos of your own you'd like to contribute feel free to "Personal Message" me or simply add to the topic discussion.

And try not to quote photo's that are directly above your post, its annoying.


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Photo #1 will be posted later "today" its 4am lol

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Guest KingsIslandPR

It's 2013 and just under four more months until Kings Island opens its gates for its 41st season.

Kings Island will open its gates for its 42nd season in 2013.

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That 1974 pic of Coney Mall looks so darn classy. If not for a few recognizable features, it wouldn't even look like the same park we have today. I just wish we could have the early 70's look with the ride collection we have today.

Although, having been to Carowinds, I wouldn't mind seeing those Flying Eagles back in their original previous home.

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