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Flashback Till Opening Day 2013


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Love the pics, especially The Vortex Construction pic, arguabley the best Vortex Pic I've ever seen, or at least the one that captured my eye the most.

I find the old pics of rides like the scrambler, monster, shake rattle & roll and their line ques interesting. They were obviously very popular rides back in the day, but are sparsely ridden today in comparission to the large coasters at the park (obviously newer and bigger will usually win out, as it does everywhere else). Considering that I won't even touch a ride that circles that much (I get dizzy/sick pretty easy on any teacup/scrambler style ride) I think its safe to say I enjoy KI much more today than I would have in the late 70s.

I never paid much attendtion to the Nick splat city attraction, too old when it was put in, didn't have any young kids to watch them run thru it. I've got a 4 year old today, and have a quick question, was the splact city setup similar to the water run thru they have there today in terms of entrance/exit? I can't tell you how stupid I find it that the entrace to that thing is on one side, while the exit is on the back side. Unless I'm moving quickly from the entrance, around the attraction and to the exit, my son would be out of the thing before I could get to the exit. Doesn't feel very parent monitoring of their children friendly. I don't know if that is a problem once they changed up the concept when Nic left or if that was a poor design from the start.

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