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Holiday World (plus Indy) trip advice...

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Thinking about doing a "long weekend" b/w the kids museum in Indy and a day trip to HW.

We've been wanting to do the Kids museum for a couple of years, I believe they have a hotel in the area where some of the rooms are crafted out of old train cars. My 4 year old loves trains, so this was put on our "bucket list" when we heard about it. As part of the trip, we thought we'd swing over to HW having never been before, and thought I'd come seeking advice on what/where to eat in the park, perhaps where to stay, what to ride, etc...

For background, we'll have two kids along w/ us, a girl who will turn 1 in May and the boy who will turn 5 in June. Obviously the girl will be too young to ride much of anything aside from rides where she can sit on our lap (are there any rides there like that?), but the boy is pretty tall for his age. He measured out at 48" the last time he was at the doctor, so he should have a ride or two on The Racers, Beast, Adventure Express, etc... (so far he's yet to meet a height appropriate ride at King's Island that he doesn't like, so hopefully that won't change for coasters beyond Woodstock Express and Flying Ace Ariel Chase)

Aside from the 3 wood coasters (all 48" height restrictions, IIRC?) and the pop included in the price of admission, there's not much I know about HW. What other rides should we be sure to hit? Anywhere specific to eat? Any hotel recommendations? We don't need the nicest hotel, but we don't want to stay somewhere dirty, rundown, etc.. My wife is a teacher, and gets out late may, so I believe anytime in June or July would work, any recommendations for when to go? What day of the week to visit (I assume mid week is less crowded than a weekend, how busy are weekends? I'd rather not wait in line all day for things)

If anyone has advice on Indy or the children's mesuem, I'd be happy to hear those as well.


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The Children's Museum will be an all day event. I am 25 and could still spend the entire day in the building and not see everything it has to offer. If you are trying to fit everything in the children's museum in then I would advise a two day trip that way you can take your time through the exhibits and see everything. I haven't been in about 2 years but The dino's exhibit in the old "cinedome" is pretty unique. They have a science/habitat exhibit on the 5th floor that you can make your own boat and float it down a "river". They have a playplace that represents what its like to live underground plus a construction site all in this one spot. Not sure if they still do the star show downstairs but if they do check it out it is interesting (at least it is to me haha). They have a egyptian exhibit that I always find interesting. The list goes on and on. Again I havent been there in two years so some of the exhibits have changed but it is a blast especially with kiddos.

As for HW I only visit about once a year. So I couldnt give you a best time to go. I would assume that the weekdays would be less crowded but again that is an assumption. I think the height restrictions are 48" for all the rides so your son should be good to go. If you are a waterpark person I would advise to get to the park when it opens stay in the dry park for the first 1-2 hours then head to the waterpark until it closes then you should still have about 1-2 hours for the dry park. I usually dont have a specific place to eat or stay because I make a day trip but the Santa Claus Inn is pretty cool from what I hear. That is how I do my trip. We also buy tix from a local gas station on our way down there. I think the station is on 231 but can't remember the name. Usually it cheaper by $2 than if you buy online or at the gate with the Pepsi can discount. (shop around for the tix to find the best deal).

I hope you have a good time. It sounds like you have a great vacation planned. Enjoy it!

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We have gone down to Holiday World the first week in June the past couple of years and it has proven to be a great time to be there. The Children's Museum is an amazing place. The only downside is that, especially for an indoor attraction, it can be a lot of walking for the little ones. The different exhibits are very engaging and the train area is great. I'm sure your 4 year old will be in heaven. As a heads up the food at the food court is very expensive but they do allow you to bring your own food if you wish.

As for Holiday World, as stated above, hit the water park right when it opens and have a plan for your first few rides. You can usually get a couple of rides in on some combination of Wildebeest, Mammoth, Zinga, Bukali, and Zoombabwe before the lines for those get too crazy. The lines in the dry side really let up in the middle of the day on weekdays with station waits not uncommon for the three coasters. Gobbler Getaway and Liberty Launch are the two flats that I would recommend.

Hope you have a great time!

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