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Six Flags and Apollo interested in SeaWorld

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I would love to see Cedar Fair acquire Busch Garden Tampa. Florida is missing some big time thrill rides. They have a few but nothing like what's in the Cedar Fair chain. The Florida market is some top competition for sure, but I believe Cedar Fair could hold their own in Tampa.

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I don`t see Cedar Fair being interested in Tampa for one reason.  Animals.  It is not really in their wheel house.  Although, it would add some geographic diversity to their portfolio of parks to have another year round park to go along with Knott`s.  The problem is, I am sure that if Sea World were to split the parks and sell the Busch Parks, Cedar Fair would have to take Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which is only about an hour from Kings Dominion.  Not saying that it couldn`t happen and that Cedar Fair couldn`t own both parks, but at a certain point, they would be competing against themselves.

That would be awesome for Platinum Passholders to be able to get into the Busch parks though.  I just don`t see Cedar Fair making that big of an expenditure.  They still have a relatively high debt load from the Paramount Parks acquisition.

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I know a lot of people wouldn't be happy about this but I'd be ok if Cedar Fair got rid of the animals. They could add an awesome resort style hotel and still have a lot of room for park expansion. Now I know they your likely right, this is me just thinking out loud. I know tons of people would be very upset if the animals at BGT were to leave and would probably boycott the park. But I'm just not that big on the animals.

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