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This is the best info I have on hand:

Where in the park is the race course?

The Color Me Pink 5k run/walk features a 3.1-mile course around Kings Island which offers unique views of many of the park’s popular rides and attractions. The race will start and end in the Soak City Waterpark.
Much of the "backstage" area is near Soak City, which leads to the main park. I don't know what the exact layout is, but I know that the JDRF layout is a favorite to many runners because of what you get to see. But remember - the important part is that it's for a good cause.
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Guest KingsIslandPR

Information regarding the 3.1-mile course will be announced in a matter of days. The course will take Color Me Pink participants behind the scenes of some of the park's most popular attractions, including the Invertigo and Diamondback roller coasters and the KI & Miami Valley Railroad.

Great to see KIC will have a team for this event. It's something KIC members will have fun doing together prior to the gates opening for the 2013 season.

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Cool I am on the team now!!!
I can not think of a better way to start the season off, being part of a cause to save the TaTa's, see the park with fellow KICer's before the public gets to while having a memorable time. Have each other to take pictures as we get colored in pink. Then enjoy a great day at Kings Island with each other. This is going to be another memorable opening day for sure!!!

I was worried that since I signed up to take advantage of the discount that it would be hard for me to get switched to the team but it was easy. Just let Ryan know you want to be part of the team.
as many of you know I run and now bike with a team for a cause and I can tell you we as individuals can achieve great things on our own but when done as a team the results are astounding. Not to mention the great resources we can draw from before, during and after. Come join the team and be part of a great feel good cause. I promise you will be glad you did.

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