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New Logo Coming To KICentral!

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(Apologies in advance for the multiple huge image quotes.)

What about going back to the original logo in post 75, but adding "KICentral, The guide to KI" logo frame you used in post 84 and make the colors in the frame match the original logo?

A tad confused. Would you mind explaining this a bit more.

He means this logo:

And sorry everyone for the delay. Work has been extremely hectic.

Does anyone like this version of the T-shirt I just designed? Or should I go to a more clean look?


combined with the wordmark and accompanying frame below in the colors of the logo above.

Was playing Bioshock Infinite when I became inspired by some of their artwork. It's definitely different from typical enthusiast shirts. It's still not complete, waiting on approval from some of the KICentral higher ups on whether or not I should continue in this direction.


Make sense?

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Yes, what jcgoble3 said, but I would take out the lift hill in what he called the word mark, and add a taller, main flag at the top. Then change the colors and design of the word mark to match the logo above. Giving it that clean crisp look, with the more nostalgic frame for the logo.

Maybe possibly use the new word mark with the first hill logo on it for the back of the shirt. The handle could be put in the word mark there so everyone knows the user?? Just my thoughts!

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As soon as this is done these will be printed.

How did your "shirt abuse" go? Did you decide on materials and printing?

Orders will need to happen very soon if they'll be available on Opening Day. (21 days!)

It went well. We've decided upon the medium we are going to print, now I just need to finalize the design. Design should be up tonight or tomorrow as long as I don't have other jobs coming in.

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Depends on how large a "medium" is. One company's "small" is another company's "large".

Does the medium on which you are going to print have a sizing guide you can share?

For example, I wear a large from here: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=mu.shirts

A medium from here: http://shop.fruit.com/info/sizeGuide

Or a small when sizing guides lie. (eg. house brands at stores like Macy's)

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I know most are going to want to add their screen name. Is the a way to add that as an additional few dollar charge?

I think you will want to move that back logo up a few inches giving room for screen names. Looks great!

We are weighing our options. I promise you guys will be the first to know what's going on!

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He's saying he doesn't like the dot com part. People see themselves as part of KICentral, a group of people, not just a website. Promote the group, not the URL or .com.

Dane's thought is that you are all part of the KICentral family, he's just trying to make people more aware of the site so they can become new members.

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