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"Transformers" Opening Date at USF?

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Has anyone heard any rumors on a potential soft opening for the new "Transformers" ride at Universal Orlando? I've been following the updates over on Screamscape and it seems to be coming along (well, at least the exterior is). I know the original press release promises a late Spring/early Summer opening, but I'm going to be there in early May and am holding out hope for a "soft" opening around that time...

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There are a lot of rumors regarding soft opening....most of which all point to late May. So you may miss them by a week or two. Team Member previews have not began yet, but are expected very soon.

They are ramping up on the viral campaign and advertising....



Very exciting times at Universal Orlando!

- Todd

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Yeah, just got back from Orlando...I'm guessing I just missed the soft opening because it looks *very* close to being ready (from the outside at least). The music all around the show building is great...very immersive. It will be a great addition.

Hopefully the official announcements for the Simpsons "Springfield" expansion and "London" side of Wizarding World will be coming soon. The local NBC station (WESH) was running stories (sourced by enthusiast websites no less) that the HP expansion would open in July 2014. (And, based on the current state of construction--that wouldn't surprise me.)

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I was following the deconstruction of the old building to this and they pretty much threw this puppy up as quick as they did it!

Been looking at lots of pics of Universal in general and their is construction going on EVERYWHERE on the Universal side of the park!

side note: Just hope their Halloween event is better this year... Lets just say it was at pars with KI's Halloween Haunt (not that KI's is bad but usually Universal's blows everything else out of the water).

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