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Disney Rides That Never Came To Fruition

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They say good ideas never die at Disney... Plenty of times now, a project that never came to be popped up elsewhere.

Tokyo DisneySea, for one thing.

Countless rides and attractions across their parks began in concept years or decades ago and were revived later and elsewhere.

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I thought this was a really good article and I too love wondering what could have been at theme parks. I'm especially interested in the "lost projects" at Kings Island. I remember asking a question about this on the 5 @ 5 (when it was conducted via Facebook) and I got a reply about the original plans for the Flying Dutchman. :)

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I knew of some of these past rides, The Beastly Kingdom I believe from a few people at the park or a book I read in the past. I find it amusing how the Hollywood Tower Hotel still has guests dropping in.

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This article was awesome! I would've loved to ride any one of those rides! I thought "Beastly Kingdom" sounded pretty cool as well as the Snow Queen ride. I love dark rides and animatronics, so these rides probably would've been some of my favorites.

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For a sneak peek at Beastly Kingdom, just hop a taxi over to Universal's Islands of Adventure - a park largely designed by former Disney Imagineering staff who were fed up with Disney's cost-cutting maneuvers of the era (the cancellation of Port Disney / WestCot / Beastly Kingdom, the downsizing of California Adventure, and Tomorrowland '98)...

The concept behind Beastly Kingdom's dark, medieval sub-area became the Merlinwood portion of Islands of Adventure's Lost Continent. The suspended Dragon Tower coaster evolved into Dueling Dragons, now Dragon Challenge in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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I thought the Spongebob ride was going to be Mrs. Puff's Boating School?

The way Backlot Stunt Coaster (previously Italian Job Stunt Track) is set up, I was under the assumption that that might've been themed to SpongeBob. Replace the helicopter with a giant robot monster thingy manned by Plankton, have the dark portion resemble that of what's inside Boo Boo's Blasters, and boom.

Anyway, most people here remember the ride surveys Paramount sent out towards the end of their reign for a multitude of concepts, few of which actually made it to fruition. Including:

  • Mission Impossible Stunt Spectacular - Originally pitched to conincide with the release of MI:3, but was reduced to a generic traveling stunt show that only made it to Canada's Wonderland for a single season. Some believed it to be a potential replacement of Timberwolf Amphitheater.
  • Tomb Raider: Firefall - The outdoor version of Kings Island's flat ride that eventually made it to Kings Dominion.
  • Tomb Raider: Chamber of Fire - P itched as a brand new preshow/walkthrough experience.
  • Mrs. Puff's Crash Course Boating School - Highly-themed Wild Mouse-styled coaster that was believed to be a part of the Nick Universe expansion for Kings Island. Rumored to have been dropped during the Viacom split by CBS.
  • Nickelodeon Car Wash - Outdoor track ride believed to be a part of the Nick Universe expansion for Kings Island. Rumored to have used updated versions of the original Antique Cars that were removed to make way for IJ:ST. Also rumored to have been dropped during the Viacom split by CBS.
  • Addams Family Coaster - Dark ride/coaster combo themed to the Addams Family movies. Concept was thrown out by Paramount, but later picked up by Dollywood and retooled as Mystery Mine.
  • MTV Soundwave - Potential retheme for the Flight of Fear attractions at Kings Island and Kings Dominion.
  • TV Land Lounge - Restaurant themed to CBS station TV Land. Believed to be downsized and rethemed as Happy Days Diner for several of the Paramount Parks.
  • Titanic Simulator - Dark ride themed to the finale of Titanic, most likely simulating a large room being overtaken by water. Similar in scope to both Twister and Universal Orlando and Lights! Camera! Action! at Universal Studios Singapore
  • Snow Day - Playland area based off the Nickelodeon film of the same name.
  • Top Gun Afterburn - Vekoma coaster that would use prototype Tilt/Seesaw technology for the lift hill. Concept later built as Gravity Max at Discovery World in Taiwan.
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