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4/5/2013 - Cincinnati Reds vs. Washington Nationals TR


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I went to the Reds game last Friday against the Nationals. We went on my aunt's company night, and they had seats under the smokestacks in center field. We sat two rows behind the fence and had a great view of all the homeruns leaving the yard.

My family and I got there just as the Reds were about to bat in the bottom of the first. As I walked around, I noticed five new things around the park.

1.) There are two Frisch's Big Boy Concession Stands which looked as if they were pretty successful.

2.) There are three rows of new seats over the visitor's bullpen.

3.) There is a giant neon Budweiser sign in the field concourse. I believe this is a league-wide development, as multiple ballparks like Toronto's Rogers Centre were also sporting the same sign.

4.) There are substantial price rises in many things around the ball park. For example, the Kroger Meal Deal went up from $7 to $9.

5.) The Reds Car Race and Mr. Red's Race have been combined into one. :(

Other than that, it was a chilly but great night for baseball. With the Reds winning 15-0 against a "top" team in the NL, it was great.

Plus, Shin Soo Choo threw me the ball he had been tossing to Jay Bruce before the 8th inning. It was my first ball caught. I ended up giving it to my little cousin who was sitting behind me and didn't have a chance to catch it.

The Reds will be a top contender for the World Series this year. Choo is a great addition, and if they aren't plagued by injuries, they'll be fine. I will go even as far as to say that Heisey deserves a chance to challenge Ludwick (when he comes back) for the starting role.

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The new seats over the visitor's bullpen are part of a new bar they put over there (hence the Budweiser logo). They way the team spun it to the media was that they always saw fans hanging out over there, so why not give them more reason to do so (translation: find a way to profit from areas where fans like to hang out). From the "A to Z guide":

Budweiser Bowtie Bar

The new Budweiser Bowtie Bar is located in the right field corner near the Sun/Moon Deck and visitor's bullpen. The bar area will feature open seating and several flat-screen TVs. Groups of 40-65 can reserve a portion of the Budweiser Bowtie Bar for $45 per person, which includes $16.50 of concession credits on each ticket good for food, drinks and merchandise. Call Group Sales at (513) 765-7600 for available dates.

More info on what all is new for 2013: http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20130328&content_id=43458394&vkey=pr_cin&c_id=cin

Also, when did they start playing Connie Smith's "Cincinnati, Ohio" at the ballpark? Prior to the game on April 3rd, the last game I went to at GABP was in August of 2011, but I don't remember them playing it then.

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