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isnt Diamondback fun!


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hi! :D .who here likes the ride Diamondback? ^_^ I know I do! :lol: As my brother says "It has lots of air time" ;) its one of my favorite rides! :P Anyone else? I also like the delraium ( sorry if i spelled it wrong :wacko: ) its very fun! ^_^ It also has lots of air time! B) Ok thats all that ive got to say so im going to run away like a ninja :ph34r: bye!

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What a breath of fresh air, Welcome to KIC! Looking forward to more posts of yours.

P.S Don't bother reading the TOS right now, the people who suggested you to do so don't read them either and if they did, they would realize currently the TOS is down, but when they're back up it doesn't hurt to read a few paragraphs ;)

TOS: http://KICentral.com/site/disclamer.php

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Welcome. Terms of Endearment should be looked at - they will help with editing your posts so no one complains!

DB is a good coaster - I do find it a bit rough in the back seats.

That other ride you speak of.....I always bring a brown paper bag with me when I ride it for use when I get off of it. My mind loves it, my tummy doesn't.

Enjoy your time here - lots of super folks!

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