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Original's Disney World Trip


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Me and my family went to Walt Disney World over spring break, as most of you already know. I apologize for some of the pictures, I really just pulled out my iPod from time-to-time and snapped a quick pic. But I have a few good ones. Let me know which one you like best. We usually fly, but my moms boyfriend gets free gas and has a company car, so, why not? I actually managed to keep track of most of the stuff we did in my notes, so here we go...

On march 28th, I believe, the first day on break we left for Cincinnati in the afternoon around 6-ish. We were heading to Cincy because our new house that we are moving into is down there that we can stay in, plus there was a few things we had to do in the morning. It was a short drive (four hours) as much as we make that trip it didn't bother me at all. Plus the company car was more of a van. We folded down the front-back seats (if that makes sense..) and me and my brother sat in the back-back seats. Therefore this gave us lots of room to stretch our legs and have all our stuff to keep us busy during the drive. And it had a in-built dvd player so that was cool. We arrived at the house, and went to bed. The next day we got a late start because there was some things we had to do so we didn't get out onto the road until around 12:40. At 1:30 we hit Kentucky. The drove all the way down to mid-Georgia and arrived at the hotel around 10:25. The next day we ate breakfast, and then we went to go see this place called Stone Mountain. Apparently its the largest exposed granite rock in the world, if I remembered that correctly. We got there around 11:30, we walked around and we saw the rock.

P3303562 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

P3303586 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

In front of the rock

P3303599 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

P3303598 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr
We walked around some more and found a glass shop. If I could have a dream job I would love to do that, make the class objects. We watched a tutorial on it at 12:30.

P3303609 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

After that we got into the van at 1:00 and headed the rest of the way to Florida. We crossed the border around 5:20. Later on we got to Disney

P3303631 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

We drove around, we passed Downtown Disney, it looked like Las Vegas in a way haha. We found our hotel, we were staying at the Port Orleans French Quarter Hotel. I thought it was pretty neat, I liked it. I found this on one of the beds, haha.

P3303644 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

After we got our stuff in we walked around the hotel. We went to go see the pool, I knew what it looked like, but I was excited to see it. It was cute.

This is half of it.

P3303653 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

After that we got onto a boat, form of Disney transportation, lol. It was really neat at night, it took you to Downtown Disney.

P3303662 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

P3303669 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

P3303671 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

^We ate there on our last day. We walked around for awhile, it was just mostly shops and restaurants. We went back to the boat, but we missed it. So we went to go catch a bus. It was really easy to find, nice organization Disney. We went back to the hotel and headed to bed

The Next day was March 31st, Easter. Apparently, the hotel had organized some type of Easter candy hunt. I went outside and found a huge arrangement of candy. We went down, it was really neat. It was the in the shape of a mask, because the hotel was themed as mardi graw (or however you spell it....).

IMG_5283 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

^That's the mask, they had it divided into sections of age, again, nice organization Disney. I saw that I had some very stiff competition. Haha

IMG_5288 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

Some of the people there, I thought it was really nice of Disney to do this, they had the Easter bunny there too, and mickey an Minnie.

IMG_5284 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

I finally had some time to take some pictures I wanted.

IMG_5285 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5296 by

I finally had some time to take some pictures I wanted.

IMG_5285 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5296 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

At 9 they started going through the age levels. There was way more then enough candy to go around. After that, my mom had bought her own Easter stuff for us so she went out and hid some of the eggs with the gold coins in them. Family tradition.

IMG_5310 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5311 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

After that we got on a bus to magic Kingdom because they had a church service at a hotel. There was a lot of people in thee, im going to say at least a thousand. Around 11:40 that ended and we went back to the hotel to change. Then we got on a bus to animal kingdom. We got there at 2:00, my mom wanted to see the Lion King show, so wwe headed straight there, that started at 2:30. The show was cute. It was kinda weird though because as I watched it, it all was coming back to me. I started to renember it. After the show my mom said it was exactly the same way it was 7 years ago. haha Sorry these are especially bad quality

IMG_5340 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5365 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5351 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5358 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

After that we went to go get a good spot for the parade. That started at 3. Once again as I watched this I started to remember it. Its a weird feeling.

IMG_5372 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5375 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

When that was over we went on to a safari type ride. I also remembered that too. We took a train, and then headed into Asia, where we found Expedition Everest.

IMG_5417 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5417 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

My mom hates roller coasters, so she was more than happy to stay behind. They put a lot of theme into the rides. The ride was really neat, it was really just kind of like an upgraded Adventure Express to me. At one point they make it look like the tracks are broke and you head backwards into the dark. When that was over, my mom texted us saying she was at a Nemo play. We dashed over there to see it. I'm not one much for shows/plays, but this was quite neat. They used puppets, and they were on harnesses and they did flips, and all kinds of stuff. They had jellyfish kites, bubbles, animatronics, it was quite neat. I was able to follow along with the movie really well. We found my mom as we headed out of the play. Right then my voice really started to get bad. I didn't sound so well all day but then it was really bad, I sounded like an old dying woman haha. The weird thing was it didn't hurt to talk at all, it was just hard to (you could barley hear me), and my face was really congested. We sat down and tried to find a show on the internet. My mom couldn't remember the name of it, I mean I wouldn't of either after 7 years haha. Me and her bf tried to find it, and we did. It was called fantasmic, which rang a bell, it was at Hollywood studios so we headed out of Animal Kingdom and caught a bus

We got there around 7:30, there was a little bit of a sunset.

IMG_5433 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5441 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5435 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5446 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

At that moment it hit us that we had not eaten at all yet today. xD Im not sure how, I guess we were just to busy to notice. So we grabbed some stuff to eat. I just had a turkey sandwich, at this point you could not even really hear me speak and I just didn't feel like eating. While they ate they made several announcements that if you were going to see fantasmic, they suggested that you go to find seats 45 minutes before the show. I didn't know what to expect. We went in like 15 minutes before the show, and it was packed...xD

IMG_5455 by

vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

And that was just half of the stadium xD. So we found some seats, you couldn't see anything. Haha, my mom and brother attempted to watch it while me and her bf browsed the internet. After the show we were extremely tired, but it looked pretty cool from what we could see, and we didn't think we would have the time to come back so we stuck it out, exited, and got in line for the last show. They made you exit so they could clean the stadium, health requirements. We got much better seats. Dead center, a and about 6 rows up (on purpose).

IMG_5458 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5458 by

vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

They had water spray and then had a projector put scenes from movies on it.

IMG_5467 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5469 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

It was a really neat. Afterwards we were really tired now, so we caught a bus to the hotel. I was happy to because my moms bf has allergies and he had some stuff that we were going to try to see if it helped me. I don't have allergies, but maybe there was like a specific plant I was allergic to. Or maybe I was just allergic to Florida, that's probably it haha. xD The next day we got a really late start we went and swam at the pool, my brother met a kid his age. He was from Ireland, I think.... Heres part of the pool again

P4013706 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

His name was Finland. We also headed out of WDW to get some things we needed. At 1:50 we arrived at Magic Kingdom. I was really happy to finally see the castle again. (Pic from the train station)

P4013742 (2) by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

We got on the train at 2.

P4013745 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

My brother really likes Jack Sparrow, so we went to go see a 'How to become a pirate with Jack Sparrow' show. It was cute, they taught them how to sword fight and gave them certificates with Jack Sparrow's signature at the bottom.

P4013748 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

The guy really looked like Jonny Depp, talked like him too. We went to go see the parade afterwards.

IMG_5553 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_5554 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

^^This is the one of the things I didn't get to go that I wanted. If you see any toy story characters walking around the park, if you shout 'ANDYS COMING!!' They will fall to the ground like they do in the movie. Me and my brother were going to do it with them but we never got to. But we did get to see them in the parade.

IMG_5556 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_5558 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_5560 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_5565 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_5573 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

^^I love the one step sisters face in that one, haha.

IMG_5577 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_5578 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

We took a Pirate boat ride after that.

IMG_5583 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

It was all animatronics. It broke down at the very end before we reached the station. Jack Sparrow was singing 'A pirates life for me', we were only stuck for about 5 minutes but that song made it feel like an hour lol. We saw the show Enchanted Tiki room. It was animatronic birds singing, cool. We headed into Liberty Square, we went to go see The Hall of Presidents show.

IMG_5603 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

It was a video, and then they had animatronics. I swear Abe was a real actor though. lol We took the Liberty Bell Boat ride.

IMG_5603 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

Good view of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

IMG_5629 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5635 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

We went into Pinocchio's Village house to eat. We got a good seat next to this long window overlooking 'its a small world' ride around 6:30.

IMG_5642 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

The food was really good, you get what you pay for.

IMG_5651 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

At 7 we rode the ride, it was, um okay. It was my brothers favorite ride as a baby.

IMG_5661 by

vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

At 8 we rode The Haunted Mansion ride, one of my brothers favorite movies.

IMG_5685 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

Main Character's grave.

IMG_5694 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

The ride was okay, it was kinda like boo blasters without the blasters, and it had illusions in it.

At 9 we went to go get seats for the Electric Parade.

They had a couple marching bands from high schools start it out.

IMG_5724 by

vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5733 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5740 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5770 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5774 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

We went to go see wishes after that. Like a firework/projection show on the castle.

IMG_5789 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

Sorry these aren't very good, the images wouldn't stop moving.

IMG_5797 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5804 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

These are better, since the colors on the castle were more solid.

IMG_5856 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_5889 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

Very cool show. Afterwards we went to Jungle Cruise. We were going to go on it earlier but it was a 45 min. wait. We came back and it was a walk on. A pic from earlier in the day.

P4013758 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

It was a boat ride, again. You could tell our 'guide' liked her job, but had a lot of time on her hands. She had the corniest jokes for everything. lol Then we went and rode the magic carpet ride, twice. Another one of my brothers favorite movies.

IMG_5903 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

Big Thunder Alley ( I can't believe I just typed that haha) MOUNTAIN. Big Thunder Mountain.

IMG_5911 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

It was fun, again really just like another upgraded Adventure Express. We got on a bus and headed for the hotel.

We swam in the morning again.

P4033802 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

In case you needed to know what I look like underwater...

At 1:40 we got at magic kingdom and went to go see mickey. We were in the gift shop for awhile.

IMG_5939 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

My brother was collecting pins, he had like 12 by the time we left Disney. heres a couple.

IMG_6002 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6003 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

We went around to some shops, and at 2:40 we were walking under the castle. We walked over to fantasy land where they had 2 new castles. We tried to get reservations to eat at The Beasts castle but they didn't have any but they said you cant make reservations for lunch, so there was a chance we could squeeze in. We walked over, but they were all ready full. So we back to the Pinocchio Village because we really like that place. It was crowded in there but I was able to swipe a seat. Afterwards we went into some more stores then got onto a Ferry Boat to get onto the monorial to epcot. Its more fun than the bus. When we got to the monorail it was closed so we had to take the bus, oh well. We got there at 5:15, I had fun with proportions.

IMG_6054 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

We rode spaceship earth, and started walking toward this fountain with some really cute ducks.

IMG_6072 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

Then we went to Test Track. This was my favorite ride.

IMG_6079 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

They gave you a card and then you got in pairs and designed a car (you got to draw the body, design the engine, the color, all kinds of stuff) . Then you scanned your card before you got into the car and you went through testing to see how well you car did. That was really cool.

IMG_6090 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

Scanner 8670409314_5ef9011f23_m.jpg
IMG_6092 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6095 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6097 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

Then we went to Mexico one of the many countries they have. Then my brother found some mission thing. They gave you a cell phone and yu went around a country to solve it. We did that for 30 minuites. Then we saw illuminations reflections of earth. A firework show. Then we got on a bus back to the hotel. The next day we went outside of Disney and spent most of the day at Daytona Beach.

P4033886 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

We went u on the board walk 8669401345_aee4de10a4.jpg
IMG_6251 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

We ate French Fries and watch the people surf and tidal ride

IMG_6294 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6287 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

We took each others photos and I edited them.

IMG_6321 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6299 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6299 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

Ferris Wheel and Sling Shot^. It was a neat day. The next day we went back to Epcot to see more of the countries and such. We went to a nemo center where they had a ride, and then a lot of aquariums and turtle talk.

IMG_6339 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6354 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6375 by KIC-Original, on Flick

Turtle talk was really neat crush talked to you and stuff, really neat.

We walked out of there and we were going to go do soarin'.

IMG_6394 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

A couple people ntold us about it, its really neat you feel like your in a hang glider and they have wind, and you can go all over the world. With a 2 hour wait though we didn't do it. We had lunch at seasons, and than rode living with the land boat ride. I remembered that. Than we saw a sign for captin EO. We went in and watched that.

IMG_6398 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

As we walked out we saw our ducklings from the other day.

IMG_6403 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

Than we went to all the different countries. Canada, France, Italy, China, Japan, Mexico, India, Norway, and Germany - I think those are all of them.. Oh yes, and the U.K.

IMG_6416 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

Phone booths from the U.K

IMG_6420 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

My friend would of been so happy. They had a whole store of Beatles stuff.

IMG_6429 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

My favorite Disney movie, also the last one Walt Disney helped make.^ We were going into france

IMG_6430 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6431 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

France^^ What amazed me is that as you went into the different countries, the employees were ALL from which country you were in if you looked at their nametags. It was so realistic, they had stores, and food just like they have there too.


IMG_6435 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6440 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6440 by KIC-Original, on Flickr


IMG_6463 by KIC-Original, on Flickr


IMG_6472 by KIC-Original, on Flickr


IMG_6482 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6483 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

IMG_6492 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

^Germany, reminds me of our Oktoberfest

Then lastly we went to Norway and rode a boat ride called Maelstrom, it was actually really neat. It was about the Vikings.

We then exited epcot onto the monorail to magic kingdom where we wanted to see the castle show again.

IMG_6520 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

Here's a pic of the monorail from earlier that day

IMG_6138 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

We deffiantly didn't have as good of seats like the last time we saw it, but the show was just as good as the last. Then we went into fantasy land and rode the teacups, Dumbo, and goofys barn stormer. Then we went into tomorrow land and rode the people mover, starship command, and went to the show The Laugh Floor. The laugh Floor was my favorite show. It was kinda the same concept as Turtle Talk only with monsters inc and it was a comedy show. I really liked it they pick different people to put on camera and such. I didn't think I would like it but it was actuslly my favorite. We then went to some stores, and caught our last bus back to the hotel. The last day we took that boat we did the first day to downtown Disney. We went to once upon a toy, a pin store, and a bunch of other places. We also went to the world of Disney the biggest Disney store in the world (or u.s.a..?). It was huge. lol Then we went to Fulton's Crab House.

IMG_6628 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

Best drink I've ever had. Called sunset punch. amazing.

IMG_6638 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_6639 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr


IMG_6644 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_6643 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

IMG_6655 by vacationphotos2013, on Flickr

We then took the boat back to the hotel, and piled in. I'm really happy I got to do this. It wasn't the most thrill-seeker rides, but it was still fun. Its a bit childish, but I mean that's who I am. haha. The drive didn't bother me at all really, I liked it. We had plenty to do, and lots of room too. I still think the 1 hour drive to Cedar Point is longer xD haha. If you've reached this far congrats, I apologize for its length, its really long, sorry. Oh, and lso as we drove back I got to get a glimpse of carowinds from across the highway. Some trains were running. Thanks for reading.

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Looking at great pics of Disney never gets old...thanks.

We are headed that way in July, wife and daughter are going to make a one day trip to IOA, while I stay at the rental in Melbourne Beach.

I do not feel the need to spend $120+ to stand in the Harry Potter lines during the week of July 4th...

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Looking at great pics of Disney never gets old...thanks.

We are headed that way in July, wife and daughter are going to make a one day trip to IOA, while I stay at the rental in Melbourne Beach.

I do not feel the need to spend $120+ to stand in the Harry Potter lines during the week of July 4th...

My grandparents live in Melbourne. I'll give you their address and you can say hi for me, ok? :P

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Dang, you guys really skipped around a lot. When my family went last year, we went to one park a day. We would never be able to do what you did.

What was your favorite ride?

Thanks for all the comments guys. And yeah, we had some really old passes. They had to manually scan them in. And every time they would say 'Wow, these passes are old!' But they were park hopper passes so we were able to go from one park to another. My favorite ride was Test Track.

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Fantasmic stuff! :D That pool at the hotel you stayed at looks totally awesome! Oh and I've never been to Disney before in my life...sigh :(

Glad you had a great time!

I've been there but i was only there for 1 day and as y'all know you cant do Disney in one day.

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