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Why is it such a big deal if a ride is forceful or not. Does it really matter?

Of course it matters; all rides exert force on the rider, from boo blasters up to flying ace arial chase, over to congo falls, back to The Racers and all the way thru The Beast.

Some hardly exert any force (if you were blindfolded, would you notice you were moving on boo blasters?), some exert a lot of variety in forces, from shoving you right or left, pushing you down into your seat or making you feel like you're going to get thrown out. Different forces have different effects, I could ride Diamondback all day, get me 1 cycle on the scrambler and I may well toss my cookies.

The key to an amusement park of KI's size is to provide a wide variety of forces (ie thrills) that can appeal to a wide variety of guests while recognizing that not every thrill is tied directly into the track. turn The Beast into a steel coaster and place it in the middle of the park with no tunnels and ridership would be low, however run it thru the woods, give it a handful of tunnels, a couple of lift hills and you've got a legend.

Forces matter, they most definently matter however a park must be careful, make a ride too forceful in one regard or another and you risk the ride tearing itself apart, possibly injuring guests or at a minimum limiting ridership to a small amount of people.

I was talking about us arguing over rides being forceful.

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Why is it such a big deal if a ride is forceful or not. Does it really matter?

The people that post here usually like monster thrill coasters, but we're not all the customers in the world.

Maybe having a coaster that is not super thrilling would be good, it would be more geared towards the whole family.

Coaster don't have to blow your teeth out to be good. Everyone who has ridden The Bat loved it very much, but it was actually quite a gentle ride.

As for the tweet, recall that Fabio got it in the mush with a bird on Appllo's Chariot.

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You should read the other posts that I have said.

I'm not trolling. Nor did I say go immediately to the park, trespass, and get yourself arrested.

Also, cannot delete my own posts. Nor did I.

Everyone is still missing it.

Hey, considering I know who you are... as a friend, you got yourself into this mess, dig yourself back out.

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