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Starting to Decode 2014


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I think the inversions and corkscrews will be large enough so that I don't get the dizziness I get on Invertigo.

Can anyone verify this? Even if I were to grey out, the restraints look like I'll be in for the duration.

Are the restraints as secretly sturdy as DBs?

My niece is going to love this- this is definitely going to be a Fast Pass seller.

The PR on this was amazing.

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Now that link doesn't even work. How about this one?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banshee_(roller_coaster)

EDIT: For some reason these links stop working.

There should be another parenthesis after coaster but for some reason it's not working. If you search it on wikipedia it'll come up just fine.

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They made it a point to show a POV at night, but I couldn't discern a difference. Could someone please explain?

It was darker, there was fog, and it was somehow even more awesome than during the daytime.

That's what I thought, but why limit the fog to the night time? I'm unsure if this ride will actually have theming along the course or if everything was added in the rendering to further glorify the ride.
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Cedar Point fans are jelly right now.

How is that? They got this coaster 20 years ago.
I couldn't agree more - there's no reason to be jealous because both parks are close to each other and part of the same family. Also, I take back what I said earlier about being disappointed. Banshee looks amazing!
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