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Hate to further muddy this up, but Kings Dominion, during the grand opening of their WindSeeker, claimed it would take riders up 27 stories above the ground...not the previously claimed 30. And since amusement parks usually mean 1 story=10 feet, WindSeeker takes riders somewhere from 270-279 (280+ would be 28 "stories") feet up...here's the video where this is stated:

(It's said early, at around 24 seconds in or so)

This supports the claim that the entire tower is 301'. If that's true, WindSeeker is NOT the tallest ride at Kings Island- Drop Tower is 315' and the Eiffel Tower is 314', including the entire structure. But, does it take its riders higher than any other ride in the park? That depends. If it's only 270', the Eiffel Tower has a observation deck 275' up, beating WindSeeker by 5 feet. Even if the 27-story claim is 279', it runs into the problem of Drop Tower. What problem is this? Well, Drop Tower has a claimed 264' drop. Not as high as WindSeeker, eh? Well...Drop Towers stop measuring the drop not at the ground, but the brakes, and ours is an older model that needs its brakes at least 20-30 or more feet above the ground...add that up, and my estimate is at its highest point, Drop Tower has you somewhere above 285'+ or so right before you hear "click"... ;) This also means as far as how high riders go, nothing at Kings Island will actually take you over 300' (Drop Tower MAYBE, but if the entire structure is 315', including that pole on top, I doubt it)...yet...the rumored giga coaster would, of course, do the trick...

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I Know it Dosent do this anymore because of the Stabilizer bars that have been added, But ive been kinda scared of this ride ever since ive seen this video. Look at 1:30 when the Cars darn near Crash into each other. I cant believe Cedar Point even opened this ride like this..

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