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stashua123's OPENING DAY 2013 PTR


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This Is my first PTR! So i got there at 9:30 am to see that a massive parking booth line has formed I then went to the front gate went through and waited at the Action Zone ribbon cut. I saw how crowded it was! So while there i saw some old grade school friends and stopped by to say hi. They then cut the ribbon and i ran to my first ride Adventure Express. It had no wait and it was a very good ride A tiny bit smoother than last year. 8.0/10. Here are the Photos I took in line.

Looking at the brand new sign!


Looking at King Cobra's remains and the huge dirt field that used to house Son of Beast.


Another Picture.


So after that me and my friend got into a situation for around an hour but we where fine. I was just lost and couldn't find her so yeah. So after she found me we went to ride Adventure Express again. Here are photos of its track. It was a great ride as better as the last one! 8.0/10


Another Photo


So after that we where going to ride Delirium but the line was too long and then i noticed the construction sign and took a pic of it.


So we tried to ride Flight Deck but they said the ride was temporarily closed so I then got my souvenir cup and then went over to ride Viking Fury.

Around this time it was 12:45 so after waiting for my friend to get off ii took these pictures





So after that me and my friend ran to the tower drinks and I met up with KICer's . I met Malem again(Hi!)jcgoble3, beastie1980, SuprevoStevo and some other people that i forget their username. So after that we waited for Original to come by and she did so we posed and took a group photo. Here!


Another one im the one in the green t-shirt that says "Lucky to be at Kings Island"


So after that the group got into a conflict in which some wanted to go to the Festhaus and others wanted to go to the Reds Hall of Fame Grille. All of them except six of us wanted to go to Festhaus and that caused even more confusion. So my group caved in and went to the Festhaus but i said goodbye to jcgoble3 and said i was going to ride Diamondback. So after that we left but it was nice talking to them! But instead of riding Diamondback i went over to Woodstock Express to re prepare riding coasters and WE had a 30 minute wait but we still rode it. It was a great ride and it had airtime. 6.0/10 I took one pic of the track in line in the full switchbacks.


So after that we went into line checking mode. I was going to ride Diamondback but with the full switchbacks and the line all the way down to RHOFG we decided to skip it. The Beast had an unusually long line so we skipped that. Vortex had a good line but we still skipped it. I looked at Firehawk but it was a mess so we skipped back. While walking i swore i saw Coasterbob62! I guess he was filming Firehawk because he was walking down to Coney Mall. So after that we saw Racer and it looked like a long line but we waited int it anyway. I took these pictures of stuff while in line.


Another one you can see how busy it was because of the full switchbacks.


I see you Vortex! So after moving through the line a little i took some pics of AE from The Racer line.


So i Rode Racer and i gotta say it was ALOT smoother than last year and it had alot of airtime. 9.0/10! So after that i was walking down the midway and took this pic of Vortex cresting the Huge turn over Rivertown.


So after that i went up the Effiel Tower and took about 30 pictures up there here they are!


Another one.











I even made a Youtube Vid about it !










So after that i went down from the effiel tower i went and standed in line for The Beast it was a 90 minute line i took these pictures







Me in line for The Beast


So after that i rode The Beast. It was around 5-10 mph faster and though the trim brakes where on they where almost non existant. The pacing was much better and the helix felt faster11/10.So after that i went into line for Vortex and while in line it took a photos and a video. here they are!

End of Part 1!

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So after that i went and saw Vortexes line. With the line just beyond the queue I estimated the line being about 30 minutes. While in line i took a video and tons of pics of it.














The Sign.


Racer's Anti-Rollback hill



So the line was about 25 minutes. I got on 5-1 and strapped in. It went up the lift hill and it was ALOT louder than usual. It was so loud it vibrated the train!

The Ride was alot better than usual. No headbanging! 9.1/10. SO after that i went and survived Diamondbacks line. After waiting 2 hours and 35 minutes I finnally got to ride! Diamondback was a little faster this season and its B&M rattle was gone. 12/10! So after that I rode Delirium. Its great but a lot shorter ride cycle.7.5/10. After that i went to Flight Deck. It was so weird not seeing Son of Beast there. Flight Deck had no line so i got to marathon on it 3 times before i got nauseous. Flight Deck was alot faster dispatch. Since there where no seatbelts. And for some reason the ride felt loads faster. like 5 miles per hour faster. 8.9/10 After that ir rode Red Racer. still as smooth as ever 9.0/10. After that I marathoned on Adventure Express. A bit jerkier but still great rode it during the fireworks! So after that i got a souvenir cup refill and left the park at 10:20 P.M

A very good day 9.5/10

Good Day to you all, Joshua Junker

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Thanks for the report and the pictures! Two and a half hours for Diamondback? I've never heard of a line that long for Diamondback ever (other than the day it opened). I would not have anywhere near the amount of patience to wait that long. Kudos to you. :)

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