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CP Media Day 2013


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I'll let others talk about Gatekeeper, I shall talk about what else is new in the park. Only the front half was accessible, therefore TTD and Gemini midways and Frointertown and Trail were not reviewed. For those who were there I was in the black DAFE shirt.


Corkscrews trains were repainted with red and blue on track. The words Corkscrew and Cedar Point remain on the lead car, however the design on the nose is missing.

Millennium Force has finished it's three year repaint, the first hill is so blue now.

Cedar Downs new floor looks nice and some of the horses have been touched up.


The biggest change was the drink provider, which plastered it's name on several food stands. The most notable is the nacho stand next to Scrambler is now red and called Coca-Cola Refresh station.

Coke freestyle may be found at Midway Market and the former Spiral fudge.

Spiral candy is now a make your own frozen yogurt sundae place and Transport Refreshments is now Lakeside Express.

Several Food locations have new TV screen type menus.

Pretzel Gourmet near scrambler is now Auntie Annes.

Souvenir Cup system is the same size, original price and deal as KI.


New signs in restrooms telling patrons to text park if bathroom needs service. (Wildcat bathrooms are still that but Spiral was renamed Gatekeeper.)

There are no turnstiles at Main Gate, they are using new technology mounted to the ceiling.

Main Gate Guest Relations is bigger, better, brighter than the old one.

There is no walkway from Preferred lot to Main Gate, one has to walk to main lot than back.

Pavilion one is no longer usable, and three was demolished. I could not figure how to get to what remains of two and four (fully intact).


Does have bins

Gift shop is nice and deceptively big.

The area is really opened up, Trokia looks nicer without a box behind it.

That is all I have for right now, If I think of anything else, I shall post it.

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Media day wouldn't be the best judge of that...

Yeah, your right. I saw a reverse POV from yesterday and there were two trains on the transfer track brakes and brakes before the station before and after the ride. This could have been that one time but that is what Ive noticed from the videos from yesterday.

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How long is GT's dispatch time? When I went to Dollywood last summer and rode Wild Eagle It took a long time to check restraints and signal the drive.

Media Day is a terrible judge for a dispatch times. Though some may have seen 2 trains on the brakes, that's not a constant occurrence. Think about how many times you have all three Diamondback trains in the same area. Things happen to prevent dispatch from happening when people think they should go. In the case of Gatekeeper, dispatch times could have been prevented on media day, due to changing of the cameras for the on-ride videos, switching media out, etc.

However, I will tell you that today, I only rode Gatekeeper once (in the morning) but passed it several times, the line wasn't too incredibly long. The coaster is a people eater, with 3 trains carrying 32 people each time (hopefully). There is a lot of queue so just sight can be deceiving from the midway.

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